Can computers bring original books?

Computer aided literature…

Has such a concept ever been used before?

I don’t know. I haven’t made a search yet. But I have no doubt that the keywords  “Computer Aided Literature” shall give a long list of search results.

It is obvious that we are in a new and fast changing era. We can neither catch our thoughts  nor our plans. We are always far from what we really want to do.

We still have writers working for hours, days, months in a closed room to transfer the deepest details of their thoughts to the magic world of the words with their own hands. We can say they will still exist after a decade, but what will happen after twenty or thirty years?

As the thoughts of the writers and the readers get faster, correctly selected keywords give sufficient information to combine those in an effective unity using valid patterns to present an imaginary whole as a specific work. Someone looking at those will be capable to form a novel in her or his head, like reading a giant book with the fast reading technique.

Under these conditions, taking a hundreds of pages book automatically from the computer processor from just eighty words and several shape patterns selected and delivered by an experienced author would not be a surprise.

Obviously, works written with the computer technique will also be read with the same method. Nobody will care to sit and lose time thinking on what had been written, maybe people will just filter the keywords from the text of the novel and say they had read a five volume book in ten minutes by just looking at the few words.

Computer aided literature… Utilization of technical means to open new ways in front of human beings and to develop their creativity is more meaningful. I think when this fast transformation is completed, new ways for sharing thoughts and feelings will be available. Maybe after some time, art and literature will have new forms where the producers and consumers share the same media, work and have fun together. Twelfth art shall move this new system to the highest dimensions. But like the cave drawings of the first people still attracting our interest, the previous branches of art and literature shall live with their original power.

Computer aided literature. What do you think?

About Mehmet Arat

Trying to combine the past and present for a "Literature for Future".

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