Nine Muses

Nine Muses

“I finally solved the puzzle of inspiration. Not a great discovery maybe, re-expression of known once again, I don’t know how many efforts have been made before, But understanding and feeling this made me happy.”

Selim re-read what he had written. Then started the second paragraph.

“Fairy of inspiration is little talent, excessive labor. If you be patient enough, she inevitably comes and finds you. Grief, joy, hope, desperation, disappointment, whatever you were once not able to understand come easily and take their seats properly. You find peace deep inside. You feel relieved with the happiness of completing your mission.”

He looked holding the paper a bit far. He had liked what he had seen. He started following the beauty calling him.


Museums have been said to be the graves of art.

What a cold remark. How beauties inspiration fairy created can meet one day the frightening silence of death?

French poet Lamartine expressed this idea in his work titled “Voyage to East” in 1835.

But shouldn’t the museums always remind the fairies of inspiration? Aren’t traces of a hidden beauty seen at each product touched and made permanent by human hand? Although it may seem like separated from life and jailed within the walls, doesn’t the splendid traces of labor continue creating new nirvana?

Calliope. The convincing fairy of epic poetry.

Clio. The undefeatable fairy of historical heroic verse.

Erato. The fairy of rhapsody, poetry, love, and eroticism, hugging all aspects of life.

Euterpe. The fairy of pleasure and music.

Melpomene. The fairy of tragedy and tragic poetry.


Selim stopped.

How peculiar it was, tragedy having a fairy of inspiration.

But it was an inseparable part of life, like all the sorrow being suffered, the death itself. Whatever has been done to add meaning to this inevitable end coming sooner or later, it was being met somewhere. All lives were reaching an end after following long routes, each at a final tragedy of its own.

He continued writing.


Polyhymnia. The fairy of requiem and dance.

Terpsichore. The fairy of lyric dance.

Thalia. The fairy of comedy and pastoral poetry.

Urania. The fairy of astronomy and astrology.


Nine fairies. Daughters of Mnemesyone and Zeus.

The mother of fairies is memory. The place where beauties and knowledge becomes permanent.

Art being shaped with the wisdom of muses, the inspiration fairies, is becoming immortal at the museums.


Selim had not found a beauty in his life since years. After a difficult period, he had tried to find a meaning in the historical development of art and literature. Fairies of inspiration were not reaching him easily. His exhaustion, his hopelessness, the permanent load of the past on his shoulders were all increasing his problems.

The news about the sale of the portrait of the inspiration fairy who had changed the life of Picasso therefore attracted his interested immediately. La Lecture. Picasso’s secret love Marie-Therese Walter.

2012.12.29-FairyofInspiration-La Muse by Pablo Picasso OSA283

Could this be true? Could one person change a life completely? Should a woman did not exist, could it be possible that a man would also disappear?

He thought how cruel the life could be. Many times he had come very near to the edge of a cliff. For some people a little stumble at such a moment was being the end of all hopes.

There were so many pieces torn and accumulated in his soul that he did not know what to do with. The only beauty which could keep him up were the words. But he was not able to put them together as he wanted and he was being squeezed under a complex and hopeless massive bulk.

“My dear fairy of inspiration,” he murmured. “Where are you?”

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Trying to combine the past and present for a "Literature for Future".

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