My first tweet was a reply to Paulo Coelho. I had just read “The Alchemist”. It was therefore interesting to see his name on my screen. I already knew that the world was now in a new era of global communication. However, seeing direct responses from different people in all parts of the world were providing a further depth to understand this simple fact.

If I remember correctly, he had written a quote like “Today I sat at a bank alone and smiled.” (Paulo Coelho, @paulocoelho)

This may not be exactly what he had said. I wrote as I remember. I was able to retrieve all my messages, but not all the related tweets. There may be a way of finding all of them, but I am afraid I am not young and skillful enough to reach that solution.

Anyway, my remark was “Where? Here they say one laughing by himself is called crazy!” (Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 31 Mar 11) for his tweet. Yes, there is really a saying like that. I think it can be linked to the hidden desires of the society to punish free wills and acts. To have control on the freedom of youth.

I know you will say “It is in 2011, why do you mention it here?”

The answer is simple. I did not make a review of what I had found previously in Twitter at the beginning of 2012. I was trying to understand what is going on there and find a place for myself, to see where I can be included in this new world. The conclusion was not promising. It was not easier to be part of somewhere in the digital world, than it is in the real world.

I insisted to survive. I am still here and there. No one can know where he or she will be after a second, a minute, an hour, a week, a month, a year, a decade.

But I think we all know where we will be after a century. In spite of the slight differences in defining the location we imagine.


I don’t know when I first decided to write a summary based on the selected tweets of the year, but I remember I was interested in the Twitter name of Ali Luke, @Aliventures. I had retweeted her “7 Habits of Serious Writers” in June 2011. (Ali Luke, @Aliventures, Yes, this was before 2012 too. But my tweet about “How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day” by Rachel Aaron, to Vala Faye is on 27 Mar 12: “Writing faster seems good but then you may not enjoy what you live during the experience and lose the thrill.” (Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Mar 12, @ValaFaye @aliventures)

In the flood of tweets, it is generally very difficult to access the main idea of what you have read, even what you have written after a while. Hashtags, saved searches, retweets, favorites are useful to access a special topic, but there is again the problem of organization and finding the specific theme you ask for. So below are arbitrary sections from my voyage at light speed from the infinite sea of tweets in 2012.

But before that, let me give a definition for tweetures which surely is open for critics and suggestions.

Tweetures are tweets which may include a story, even a great adventure inside, in just a few words.

They are reflections from flood of messages. I tried to bring selections from people and tweets in Twitter. Are you included in “My Cyber World 2012”, or do you think you should have been included?

Like Ali’s Adventures, tweetures has a connection with personal adventures but in a wider concept.

Tweetures are creatures living in a cyber world to tell stories once they are born with a single tweet. Being lost in a sea full of tweetures can be a kind of torture. They are adventures lived in a cyber world to tell stories once they are born with a single tweet. Stories based on actual tweeets, on the discussions they initiated, on the interaction and collision of different views, on the feelings they triggered in the minds and lives of the participants.

Tweetures are a collection of tweets which may include stories, even great adventures inside, in just a few words. Not all, but selected sequences of the below tweets can be read as tweetures. ….

Special Tweetures


Ali Luke, @aliventures 18 Jun @mehmetarat2000 Not sure how often I’d want to do that, personally, but fair point..!


Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000 12 Jun @Porter_Anderson @mehmetarat2000 @NathanBransford Thanks. I wish I could do that. ….


Porter Anderson, @Porter_Anderson 11 Jun

@mehmetarat2000 Very well put (by you an d by @NathanBransford), indeed. ….

Porter Anderson, @Porter_Anderson 10 Jun @mehmetarat2000 Many good guides out there on dialogue writing, though. Keep at it. Bests with your work. @NathanBransford


aallemanwrites(authorArleenAllemann) Arleen Alleman, @aallemanwrites 28 May @mehmetarat2000 Fortunately, we all have only to manage our own events, do our best, and hope others do the same.

…. RaravisHq(fafc24e4c3b47692566f8137a5fcc6a1) Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 26 Apr #FF @futilefragments @salwahafiz @streamslip @futilefragments @mehmetarat2000 @Kotonosato @MigrantsMRC Expand Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 11 Jan @mehmetarat2000 Pleasure M. Happy weekend. ….

CloudRider(Nick-Moody1_2) Nick Cook, @CloudRiders 8 Jan @mehmetarat2000 it helps … it really helps. :0) ….

goodinaroom(StephaniePalmer-9okdy826s8ngnmc7djes) Stephanie Palmer, @goodinaroom 31 Dec @mehmetarat2000 Thanks so much. A happy and prosperous New Year to you too! ….

jesskristie(Butterfly-5c6404a742f4af0cdaf5fbeb18e2924c) Butterfly, @jesskristie 31 Dec @mehmetarat2000 Thank you, you too! 🙂 ….

KMWeiland K.M. Weiland, @KMWeiland 31 Dec @mehmetarat2000 Same to you! ….

RaravisHq(fafc24e4c3b47692566f8137a5fcc6a1) Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 31 Dec @mehmetarat2000 Thank you so much M. Much love, joy & inspiration to us all in 2013. Many happy returns. T …. StartYourNovel(jut08rh0q8xber5cfriw) Start Your Novel, @StartYourNovel 31 Dec @mehmetarat2000 Thank you! Same to you. …. SilentHistory(fa7e05a64ec31959ce223371bbc6b1b9) The Silent History, @SilentHistory 20 Dec @mehmetarat2000 these devices can distance us from the world, but they can also make us more aware of it, more invested in it. …. The Silent History, @SilentHistory 20 Dec @mehmetarat2000 which is why we’ve imbued these physical spaces with narrative properties – to provoke the contemplation you describe. …. The Silent History, @SilentHistory 20 Dec @mehmetarat2000 agreed. We’re acutely aware of the messy intersection of technology and the physical world. …. aallemanwrites(authorArleenAllemann)

Arleen Alleman, @aallemanwrites 18 Dec

@mehmetarat2000 Yes, I have confidence in the future . . . distant future, that is. …. The Silent History, @SilentHistory 18 Dec @mehmetarat2000 not sure what you mean? Here’s our FAQ: …. Arleen Alleman, @aallemanwrites 17 Dec @mehmetarat2000 I so totally agree. Humans are innately good. But, this lesson is diffic. when many persist in indoctrinating children. …. Arleen Alleman, @aallemanwrites 14 Dec @mehmetarat2000 That would be wonderful, but hasn’t happened in many thousands of years because the basis of their existence is prejudice …. RickChesler(7dcb475156a6863d2d99fbbd3b8dcb23) Rick Chesler, @RickChesler 4 Dec @mehmetarat2000 @douglascorleone Thanks, Mehmetarat. Long live the sun! …. jesskristie(Butterfly-5c6404a742f4af0cdaf5fbeb18e2924c) Butterfly, @jesskristie 4 Dec @mehmetarat2000 Indeed it was. Not something I intended at first but the cause spoke to me. …. StartYourNovel(jut08rh0q8xber5cfriw) Start Your Novel, @StartYourNovel 28 Nov @mehmetarat2000 Thanks for the RT! …. Richard_Bard(photo_shoot_176_crop) Richard Bard, @Richard_Bard 27 Nov @mehmetarat2000 Great to connect with a like-minded soul. …. SaraMegibow(TweetHeadhsot) Sara Megibow, @SaraMegibow 27 Nov @mehmetarat2000 my pleasure! Thanks …. Indy Stories, @IndyStories 22 Nov @mehmetarat2000 Thanks for helping me get the word out about the importance of marketing for #creative pros. Richard_Bard(photo_shoot_176_crop) Richard Bard, @Richard_Bard 15 Nov @mehmetarat2000 As a pilot I lived the thrills personally. As an author I create thrills for everyone else. What could be better? Cheers! …. RaravisHq(fafc24e4c3b47692566f8137a5fcc6a1) Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 12 Nov @mehmetarat2000 Much liked & appreciated.. Expand Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 12 Nov @mehmetarat2000 that’s been fading away on the corner, beside those dusty knick knacks. & thank u 4 sharing yr thoughts & prose. Expand Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 12 Nov @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview that’s a beautiful way of putting it! Hope we all remember 2 add a drop of life into that, 2 colorize d sephia …. JaneFriedman(bffa2d220dd684f3fca951d45eec7603) Jane Friedman, @JaneFriedman 12 Nov @mehmetarat2000 Sadly true. …. RaravisHq(fafc24e4c3b47692566f8137a5fcc6a1) Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 9 Nov @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview Agreed -to a degree- Have you read anything on #Sarte’s #Bad Faith? …. Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 8 Nov @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview I mean pragmatically speaking, that’s an alternative too, no 4 those beyond hope or not-made 4 Sarte? 🙂 …. Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 8 Nov @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview borders& rules of insincere adult world also exempts sleepwalkers from any form of hypocritical moral judgement …. Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 8 Nov @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview What sort of a mirror do u use, where does yr door open 2, what do u see from yr window?Etc etc..#relativity …. Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 1 Nov @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview give her a pencil & a notepad & she’ll stop talking. So I did! It’s a universal fact then, no? Amazing! …. Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 1 Nov @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview planet, creating stories& doing voice overs 4 my dolls. The shrink apparently said, she’s got a writer in her …. Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 1 Nov @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview Wow!Absolutely! I tell you this,my mom got me c a shrink when I was just 6 cos I was too wrapped up in my own + …. madhoydenish(TallulahScribblesClipboard02) Tallulah Scribbles, @madhoydenish 30 Oct I believe that there is value in that. But value depends on the reader. So bans will never end @mehmetarat2000 @ALALibrary @aallemanwrites Tallulah Scribbles, @madhoydenish 30 Oct Some extreme deviations lead 2 important discussions that more mundane books wldnt @mehmetarat2000 @ALALibrary @aallemanwrites Tallulah Scribbles, @madhoydenish 30 Oct U run n2 issues w/ ppl banning simply b/c they dont like a book or it makes them uncomfortable @mehmetarat2000 @ALALibrary @aallemanwrites Tallulah Scribbles, @madhoydenish 30 Oct Tough, s. IDK. Who would be qualified to judge? I couldn’t do it. @mehmetarat2000 @ALALibrary @tiki_toki @aallemanwrites …. Fiona Faith Ross, @fionafaithross 23 Oct @mehmetarat2000 True. Someone told me you can tweet instalments. I’ll check it out. (Altho’ Jennifer Egan was 1st to write a tweet-novel) …. aallemanwrites(authorArleenAllemann) Arleen Alleman, @aallemanwrites 19 Oct @mehmetarat2000 @madhoydenish @ALALibrary @tiki_toki No, no book should ever be banned. Where will it end? …. JodyHedkund(jodypic_-_Copy) Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund 19 Oct @mehmetarat2000 Great questions regarding my recent post. I think it’s good for each of us to wrestle thru the blogging issue. …. Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000 19 Oct @mehmetarat2000 @Quotes4Writers @sanajehan Thanks for favorite. …. Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund 18 Oct @mehmetarat2000 Great point about developing the 6th sense! …. RaravisHq(fafc24e4c3b47692566f8137a5fcc6a1) Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 18 Oct @mehmetarat2000 You’re v welcome. It’s been a pleasure. …. ErikaRobuck(1632606178c9dbb679b6cd8028420d08)

Erika Robuck, @ErikaRobuck 18 Oct

@mehmetarat2000 @Thomhonea Thank you! …. RaravisHq(fafc24e4c3b47692566f8137a5fcc6a1) Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 17 Oct @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind but what gives that breath of life 2 a character is his words, no? …. mer_barness(MeredithBarness80a0cda67f0d6e4e4e22fadc23d98db4) Meredith Barnes, @mer_barnes 17 Oct @mehmetarat2000 Oooh! …. Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 12 Oct @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview the fact that he comes as this pre-packaged parcel w loose connections stiffens me. Is it just me bng a novice? …. Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 12 Oct @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview is it more demndng 2 write abt ppl we know/sld know than abt ttl fictional chrcters? I’ve never met him yet + …. Tara Avis, @RaravisHq 12 Oct @mehmetarat2000 @parisreview and that is the challenge I face every day! Trying 2 write a bio-novel on ptrnal grandpa & find it draining + …. KMWeiland K.M. Weiland, @KMWeiland 12 Oct @mehmetarat2000 I’m sure some of them did, although I can’t think of any specific instances. …. HuffPostBooks(book_avatar_160x160) HuffPost Books, @HuffPostBooks 12 Oct @mehmetarat2000 Thanks! …. JaneFriedman(bffa2d220dd684f3fca951d45eec7603) Jane Friedman, @JaneFriedman 12 Oct @mehmetarat2000 Thank you! …. KMWeiland K.M. Weiland, @KMWeiland 11 Oct @mehmetarat2000 Ultimately, I think that depends on each person’s personal experience. The WWI poets have certainly left a monumental legacy …. K.M. Weiland, @KMWeiland 11 Oct @Porter_Anderson @TinaCadwallader @cchalliwell @EricStoffle @VinaMist @RSakaiIrvine @mehmetarat2000 @EMCastellan Thanks for the RT! Expand Ali Luke, @aliventures 10 Oct @mehmetarat2000 I agree, but for writing advice, I think it’s pretty good. 🙂 …. goodinaroom(StephaniePalmer-9okdy826s8ngnmc7djes)

Stephanie Palmer, @goodinaroom 9 Oct

Appreciate the RTs @DebraParmley @lebearit @kj_stanton @thefussymuse @PirateLeer @Mehmetarat2000 @RKVasudha @hpfreak4life @patshen Expand Stephanie Palmer, @goodinaroom 9 Oct @mehmetarat2000 Well said! Yes, exactly. Thanks so much. …. 4040R-9293 Pranab Mandal, @pranabmandal777 4 Oct @Mrs_S_B: @mehmetarat2000 @penguinukbooks ok how about ‘what light from yonder box does glow, moving images doth it show. The devils … …. Mrs_S_B(SuzyBarton)suzy1 Suzy Barton, @Mrs_S_B 4 Oct @mehmetarat2000 @penguinukbooks ok how about ‘what light from yonder box does glow, moving images doth it show. The devils work it surely be …. napoLeondynomyt(Leo)eaba4ecab77e8d439d491fb1080ee360 Leon, @napoLeondynomyt 4 Oct @mehmetarat2000 @PenguinUKBooks I was going for something deeper. Glad someone caught on …. aallemanwrites(authorArleenAllemann) Arleen Alleman, @aallemanwrites 21 Sep @mehmetarat2000 @PageOneLitER Very real. Rapes, robberies, assaults, disappearances, etc. As any place w many people. In news and my novels …. ErikaRobuck(1632606178c9dbb679b6cd8028420d08) Erika Robuck, @ErikaRobuck 20 Sep @mehmetarat2000 Thank you! …. JaneFriedman(bffa2d220dd684f3fca951d45eec7603) Jane Friedman, @JaneFriedman 20 Sep @mehmetarat2000 Really really. …. Erika Robuck, @ErikaRobuck 7 Sep @mehmetarat2000 Follow Friday. 🙂 …. RefinageNilk(PlotTwist)9a111370e3e9fa5315ad70db5d6c5489 Plot Twist, @RefinageNilk 6 Sep @mehmetarat2000 I’d like to think so. xD …. Plot Twist, @RefinageNilk 4 Sep @mehmetarat2000 Oh no! Not Internitis! …. SaraMegibow(TweetHeadhsot) Sara Megibow, @SaraMegibow 24 Aug @mehmetarat2000 @MirandaKennealy And yes – student/teacher romance is HARD. She got a 4star review from RT for pulling it off really well …. Sara Megibow, @SaraMegibow 24 Aug @mehmetarat2000 @MirandaKennealy Ha! Ooops – you are correct, it’s not called Victory Dance (silly me) …. ErikaRobuck(1632606178c9dbb679b6cd8028420d08) Erika Robuck, @ErikaRobuck 17 Aug @mehmetarat2000 It is a fascinating book. …. Jane Friedman, @JaneFriedman 14 Aug @mehmetarat2000 So sorry – bad scheduling on my part. Look for that on Friday! …. Erika Robuck, @ErikaRobuck 3 Aug @mehmetarat2000 They have music for the floor exercises, but nothing else. …. Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund 24 Jul @mehmetarat2000 Yes, success is definitely subjective! For me, aside from the joy of writing, knowing I’ve pleased readers equates success. …. Erika Robuck, @ErikaRobuck 17 Jul @xHeatherxMariex @mehmetarat2000 Hilaria. 🙂 Expand Sara Megibow, @SaraMegibow 17 Jul @mehmetarat2000 YES! <—THIS …. johndavisbooks(JohnDavis)a37daff694beb02174b13974e629dc7a John Davis, @johndavisbooks 11 Jul @mehmetarat2000 Very welcome! …. corinnedemas()demas_author_4 Corinne Demas, @corinnedemas 26 Jun 12 @mehmetarat2000 Fiction, for sure—but many who read it feel it seems true to life. …. Porter_Anderson(_thumb_close2__Photo_Jeff_Cohen_) Porter Anderson, @Porter_Anderson 1 Jun 12 @mehmetarat2000 Ah, yes, you may be right about that! 🙂 @nickearls @ExcitingPress …. JodyHedkund(jodypic_-_Copy) Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund 1 Jun 12 @mehmetarat2000 Yes, hopefully we can just keep improving with each book we write! …. JaneFriedman(bffa2d220dd684f3fca951d45eec7603) Jane Friedman, @JaneFriedman 22 May 12 @mehmetarat2000 I suppose it depends on how famous you are! …. ErikaRobuck(1632606178c9dbb679b6cd8028420d08) Erika Robuck, @ErikaRobuck 22 May 12 @mehmetarat2000 I agree. …. weedlit(TimWeed)william_francis_weed__180- Tim Weed, @weedlit 8 May 12 @mehmetarat2000 @ErikaRobuck here’s the correct link: …. valerieparv(ValerieParv)8032a43fb9c9ca7be0cf8be523dc9a5d Valerie Parv, @valerieparv 23 Apr 12 @mehmetarat2000 Thanks, hard to believe some of what we’re writing now will be tomorrow’s literature but it’s true. …. Porter_Anderson(_thumb_close2__Photo_Jeff_Cohen_) Porter Anderson, @Porter_Anderson 23 Apr 12 @mehmetarat2000 Thanks! @JaneFriedman …. InPrintWriters()IP_IP_logo In Print Writers, @InPrintWriters 2 Apr 12 In Print Writers Daily is out! , Top stories today via @konradventana @yurike_maeda @mehmetarat2000 @waderouse …. JodyHedkund(jodypic_-_Copy) Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund 27 Mar 12 @mehmetarat2000 Although I’ve gotten very busy over the past couple of years, I always take the time to personally respond to readers. …. aliventures(AliHale) Ali Luke, @aliventures 27 Mar 12 @mehmetarat2000 @ValaFaye Guess we all have a happy medium! 10,000 words/day of fiction would fry my brain, but 5 – 6,000 would be good 🙂 …. ValaFaye()ValaFayeAvi Vala Faye, @ValaFaye 27 Mar 12 @mehmetarat2000 @aliventures Granted, but that’s not necessarily the case. You’d just have a better idea of where you’re going. …. ErikaRobuck(1632606178c9dbb679b6cd8028420d08) Erika Robuck, @ErikaRobuck 22 Mar 12 @mehmetarat2000 Thank you! My new novel is on Zelda Fitzgerald. …. mer_barness(MeredithBarness80a0cda67f0d6e4e4e22fadc23d98db4) Meredith Barnes, @mer_barnes 20 Mar 12 @mehmetarat2000 No, I think it just proves Amazon’s warehouses are going to resemble beehives, with human workers as the immobile Queens. 🙂 …. Erika Robuck, @ErikaRobuck 6 Mar 12 @mehmetarat2000 Both. Thank you! …. Porter_Anderson(_thumb_close2__Photo_Jeff_Cohen_) Porter Anderson, @Porter_Anderson 24 Feb 12 @mehmetarat2000 Yes and no. We’ll be a better publishing community for this some day, leaner and smarter. Pain for gain. 🙂 @JaneFriedman …. Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000 24 Feb 12 @mehmetarat2000 @ElmoAllen A good summary for today’s racing world. To increase scores everywhere. …. JaneFriedman(bffa2d220dd684f3fca951d45eec7603) Jane Friedman, @JaneFriedman 8 Feb 12 @mehmetarat2000 LOL. It’s a toss up for me. …. RachelleGardner()582493ba302224713cb8d4e099ab92c6 Rachelle Gardner, @RachelleGardner 8 Feb 12 @mehmetarat2000 “Difficult” is not impossible. Yes, more and more people are writing books and sending queries. Luckily you have options. …. valerieparv(ValerieParv)8032a43fb9c9ca7be0cf8be523dc9a5d Valerie Parv, @valerieparv 27 Dec 11 Very possibly LOL RT @mehmetarat2000: @valerieparv For now! “No one can read a book that’s in your head!” AnitaHeiss #quotes4writers

The following are the tweetures of 2012, latest the first.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 31 Dec I wish a happy and prosperous new year! Let fairies of inspiration be with 2013.

The New Yorker, @NewYorker, 24 Dec, advice to young writers, from Jeffrey Eugenides: #writing

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 27 Dec @NewYorker Kafka after diagnosis: “I have not bought myself off by my writing. I died my whole life and now I will really die.” #writing

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters 27 Dec, Wear your heart on the page, and people will read to find out how you solved being alive. AMY HEMPEL #amwriting #writing #writetip

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 27 Dec “If you speak with passion, many of us will listen…” … #amwriting #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 27 Dec @AdviceToWriters … and if you have something to tell, they will continue listening. #amwriting #writing #writetip

The Paris Review, @parisreview, 27 Dec “Writing a long novel is like survival training. Physical strength is as necessary as artistic sensitivity.” —Murakami

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 27 Dec @parisreview “I’m not intelligent. I’m not arrogant. I’m just like the people who read my books.” —Murakami #writing #amwriting

The Paris Review, @parisreview, 27 Dec “Writing a long novel is like survival training. Physical strength is as necessary as artistic sensitivity.” —Murakami

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 26 Dec @brainpicker Nothing can resist to change except the change itself. #writing #amwriting

Maria Popova, @brainpicker26 Dec Predictions for the future of journalism in 2013 from some of the finest media minds around

Raphael Salvadore, @ckraya, 26 Dec @brainpicker #flattr will change the game!

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 26 Dec Murakami once wondered, “was the earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?” … #writing #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 26 Dec The New York Review of Books … Perry Link: “Would I personally have chosen Mo Yan?,” #writing #amwriting Why We Should Criticize Mo Yan There is a problem with the arguments made by Mo Yan’s defenders, and that is what the Chinese call *xifangzhongxinzhuyi*. This phrase does not translate easily, so please pardon my awkward rendering…

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 26 Dec Jeffrey Eugenides … “The other trap you might fall into is to start thinking about money.” #writing #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 26 Dec @Litopia Are writers unusual, or is the rest of the world still far from the normal in ideal? … #writing #amwriting

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 19 Dec Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet. ANONYMOUS #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Dec @AdviceToWriters Some of this 97% may need clarification like “getting the most from Internet without being distracted”. #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Dec @AdviceToWriters “You must lurk in libraries” or stuck a screen to catch glitters in vast amount data flowing. #amwriting #writing #writetip

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 20 Dec Quote of the Day, from Ray Bradbury: … #amwriting #writing #writetip

The Paris Review, @parisreview, 18 Dec How should big publishing companies think about their future? @alexcarp_ takes a walk with the makers of @SilentHistory

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Dec @parisreview @alexcarp_ @SilentHistory What is going on? “can only be read at the physical locations where they are set” #writing #amwriting

The Silent History, @SilentHistory, 18 Dec @mehmetarat2000 not sure what you mean? Here’s our FAQ:

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Dec @SilentHistory I also fear we can lose our abilities in the technological details and fast flow of information. Thoughts require silence.

The Silent History, @SilentHistory, 20 Dec @mehmetarat2000 agreed. We’re acutely aware of the messy intersection of technology and the physical world.

The Silent History, @SilentHistory, 20 Dec @mehmetarat2000 which is why we’ve imbued these physical spaces with narrative properties – to provoke the contemplation you describe.

The Silent History, @SilentHistory, 20 Dec @mehmetarat2000 these devices can distance us from the world, but they can also make us more aware of it, more invested in it.

The Paris Review, @parisreview, 18 Dec How should big publishing companies think about their future? @alexcarp_ takes a walk with the makers of @SilentHistory

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Dec @parisreview @alexcarp_ @SilentHistory What is going on? “can only be read at the physical locations where they are set” #writing #amwriting

The Silent History, @SilentHistory, 18 Dec @mehmetarat2000 not sure what you mean? Here’s our FAQ:

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Dec @SilentHistory It is surely interesting and can be the start of a new era. I just can’t imagine how we will adapt to these changes.

Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund, 18 Dec Unleashing the Internal Editor: A Self-Editing Checklist … #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Dec @JodyHedlund Although I don’t like rules and procedures, I know we can’t survive without them. Thanks for sharing. #amwriting #writing

The Paris Review, @parisreview, 18 Dec How should big publishing companies think about their future? @alexcarp_ takes a walk with the makers of @SilentHistory

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Dec @parisreview @alexcarp_ @SilentHistory What is going on? “can only be read at the physical locations where they are set” #writing #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Dec @aallemanwrites Many people care tolerance and understanding. They should find ways to survive and communicate. The rest will come. One day.

Open Culture, @openculture, 17 Dec Jean-Paul Sartre Writes a Script for John Huston’s Film on Freud (1958).

Writer’s Tweets, @iamtheliterati, 17 Dec Freedom and Light: I saw Ravi Shankar at Carnegie Hall in 1966 or 1967. Because of the Beat… #literature #writers

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 17 Dec @aallemanwrites It may be difficult to end prejudice, but individuals can learn or be taught tolerance. I want to believe that.

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 10 Dec Wear your heart on the page, and people will read to find out how you solved being alive. AMY HEMPEL #writing #writetip

Troy Blackford, @TBlackford3, 12 Dec #Writing is the best thing in the world. Lucky to have found a thing like that,that I love and enjoy. I’m no good, but I’m happy! #FunAsHell

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 14 Dec @Bang2write Read, write, re-read, re-write. You can ignore advice, but still read if they are is “good stuff.”

Lucy V Hay, @Bang2write, 14 Dec The best advice I ever got about #writing – and life – was: “Ignore all advice, except the good stuff. You’ll know when you hear it”

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 14 Dec @aallemanwrites Interesting call, but I think as a minority, they won’t have much to do. Maybe the others should find new ways of tolerance.

Maria Popova, @brainpicker, 13 Dec “I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” Saul Bass

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 13 Dec @AdviceToWriters The ratio of nice parts are critical. Should not be low as in real, or high to lose reality. #fiction #writing #writetip

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters,13 Dec You can’t write well with only the nice parts of your character, and only about nice things. ALISON LURIE #fiction #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 13 Dec Amelia Earhart … “I must exact a cruel promise and that is you will let me go in a year if we find no happiness together”

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 13 Dec Via @nprbooks: Oprah’s Second Pick: A First-Time Novelist #writing #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 13 Dec “Being a good writer has everything to do with telling a truth about what it means to be a human being.” Ayana Mathis

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 13 Dec The winds of luck flow towards work and talent. #writing #amwriting Buzz Over Ayana Mathis’s ‘Twelve Tribes of Hattie’

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Dec “Women do ask for more. They just aren’t rewarded for it.” @wordpressdotcom aracılığıyla

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Dec @parisreview “…if you were in our position, would you allow your books? Hammett: If I were you, Senator, I would not allow any libraries.”

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Dec @guardian @guardianmusic Spice Girls was announced to be best in centuries. This was one of the critical moments I decided writing 2000+X.

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 11 Dec I spent the morning putting in a comma and the afternoon removing it. GUSTAVE FLAUBERT #amwriting #writing

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Dec @AdviceToWriters A comma will probably not change the world, but it can change the entire paragraph, and the entire book if it is critical.

The Paris Review, @parisreview, 11 Dec “I don’t know what survives and what doesn’t. Like everybody else, I hope I will survive.” —Lillian Hellman

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Dec @parisreview “So few people fought, so few people spoke out. I think I was more surprised by that than I was by McCarthy.” -Hellman #writing

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 11 Dec “A writer without interest or sympathy for the foibles of his fellow man is not conceivable as a writer.” Joseph Conrad

Rachelle Gardner, @RachelleGardner, 11 Dec 5 Habits of Highly Motivated Novelists – check out this terrific infographic from Rescue Time!

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Dec @Kekris White has a potential of black when it loses all its light. The point is making your light brighter, isn’t it? #writing #writing

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 10 Dec @openculture Thank you for sharing. “Charles Bukowski, Nirvana, a poem about a lost young man” #writing #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 10 Dec Kafka’s Mice, and Other News via @parisreview Ray Bradbury intersection in L.A. library, erotic writing workshop

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 10 Dec @goodreads Best books are not “best” for everybody. But lists are useful and can form a good starting point. #amwriting #writing

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 10 Dec Announcing the best books of 2012! Check out the #GoodreadsChoice Award winners in 20 categories: … via @goodreads

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 7 Dec @marthaEHaynes Yes, there are brain muscles, getting stronger as the mind plays imagination games.

Worldwide Freelance, @WWFreelance, 30 Nov “A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” ~ Thomas Mann #writing #writetip

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 30 Nov Never be ashamed or frightened of your truth. Whatever it takes, you must find the courage to tell it. GARY HENDERSON #amwriting #writing

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 7 Dec @AdviceToWriters This can’t be a general argument. Mortals are not rich enough to pay all penalties. We must decide when and where to tell.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 7 Dec @Quotes4Writers If words are coming continuously out from your mouth, you either don’t know what you are talking or have something to hide.

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 7 Dec “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein

Paulo Coelho, @paulocoelho, 7 Dec The world has a soul, and whoever understands that soul can also understand the language of many things #TheAlchemist

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 7 Dec @paulocoelho The world has a beautiful voice. If we succeed to stop shouting for a moment, we will be able to hear the wonderful song.

The Guardian, @guardian, 7 Dec Writers’ favourite classic book illustrations – in pictures via @GuardianBooks

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 7 Dec @PenguinUKBooks @refugeecouncil OK. works. “His student activism led him to lose his place at University …”

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 7 Dec @paulocoelho I exist when I feel and share the nature with equal rights.

Paulo Coelho, @paulocoelho7 Dec I share, therefore I am

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 7 Dec @Quotes4Writers Voices are not the same when people talk & sing. All can communicate, but voices are different in writing too. #writing

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 7 Dec “I believe that writing, like conversation, is a basic form of human communication rather than the property of a gifted few.” Dr H Lerner

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 6 Dec @AdviceToWriters But this work can bring best moments of your life while writing and reading what you wrote before. #thedogateit #writing

Alex Myers, @Alex_Austin, 5 Dec “When we read and write, we become superheroes, sports stars, mermaids, angels, grown-ups, and crazy creatures.” #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 6 Dec @Alex_Austin Our power is to continue living in a world far from the ideal in our minds when we close the book or stop writing. @amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 6 Dec @nprbooks Historical fiction for today, literature for future.

NPR Books, @nprbooks, 6 Dec Time Passages: The Year’s Best Historical Fiction

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 6 Dec @Quotes4Writers But luckily not 100 % misreading. #amwriting #writing

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 6 Dec “All reading is misreading.” J Hillis Miller

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 6 Dec @andypiper Sounds like an advertisement, but I agree. Although I am a new user, I find WordPress quite reliable and user friendly. #lewebwp

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 6 Dec “Jim Holt’s Why Does the World Exist?” … Kathryn Schulz’s Top 10 Books of 2012 … #writing #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 6 Dec “The Violin: A Social History of …” and others. Books to Watch Out For: December (And a Few We Missed in November)

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 6 Dec Why do we write? To share and to be understood comes first among all others. 10 Best Books of 2012 … #writing #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 5 Dec @KirkusReviews Would it be possible to write fiction if there were no nonfiction books? #writing #amwriting

Kirkus Reviews, @KirkusReviews, 5 Dec Best Nonfiction Books of 2012 – Kirkus’ Weekly Newsletter!

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 5 Dec @jesskristie Writers can’t stop before completing they have in their minds. Your’s is different, needing deep information from real life.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 5 Dec @RickChesler @douglascorleone It surely will live longer than petroleum. Thanks for sharing.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 5 Dec @roxanamjones … we may have the same problem with contemporary medicine which is good at diagnosis but not so good at healing.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 5 Dec @roxanamjones “We as a society are ill, very ill, our disease is called lack of love.” This can be true but…

K.M. Weiland, @KMWeiland, 26 Nov “There’s no such thing as perfect writing, just like there’s no such thing as perfect despair.”?Haruki Murakami #amwriting

Jonathan Gunson, @JonathanGunson, 4 Dec Secret door sign for Authors #AmWriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Dec @douglascorleone @RickChesler The sun was always important. Harvesting the sun in an ocean island is an interesting idea. Reminds petroleum.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Dec @jesskristie Difficult subject for a first novel. (Barbed-Wire Butterflies – human trafficking and a young girl’s struggle to find freedom)

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Dec @CoraimaMela @paulocoelho Thanks. Really cute. Chele, @AdorameMujer, 3 Dec @paulocoelho I’m addicted I can’t lie. I’m loving it.

christinerose, @christinerose, 29 Nov Blog: “Online Vs. Paper Publishing” – Guest Post by Anthony Garcia

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Nov @StartYourNovel “I want to be an individual.” — John Carpenter #amwriting #writing #monsters Start Your Novel, @StartYourNovel, 21 Nov What can John Carpenter teach you about writing? … #amwriting about #monsters, desire, and conquering fear

Writer’s Digest, @WritersDigest, 28 Nov Why Bold Writing Will Get You Published #1 of Trebor Healey’s 7 great pieces of writing advice.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Nov @WritersDigest Yes, courage. With many risks. It is very hard to be satisfied with what you wrote. It is impossible to write for everybody.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Nov The Best Art Books of 2012

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Nov Big publishers entering self-publishing with packages from $1,599 to $24,999! Nothing may be the same from now on.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Nov 100 Notable Books of 2012

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Nov Can a single person be the full owner of a theory? Revolutionary Theory ‘Darwin’s Ghosts,’ by Rebecca Stott

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Nov Reminds authors without readers in a world where all people are writing: ‘Gods Without Men,’ by Hari Kunzru:

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Nov Why does Twitter exist?To share questions and answers like this: The Basic Question ‘Why Does the World Exist?’Jim Holt

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 27 Nov @AdviceToWriters Don’t write what you know or don’t know. It will be either dull or nonsense. Find another way #amwriting #writing #writetip

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 19 Nov Don’t Write What You Know … #amwriting #writing #writetip

K.M. Weiland, @KMWeiland, 23 Nov “I write for the same reason I breathe … because if I didn’t, I would die.”?Isaac Asimov #amwriting

Maria Popova, @brainpicker, 27 Nov Natural Histories – 500 years of rare science illustrations from the @AMNH archives

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 27 Nov 10 Ways to Build Long-Lasting Traffic to Your Author Website or Blog … via @janefriedman

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 27 Nov @SaraMegibow A book battle? Seems interesting. Love vs death? Seems more interesting! Thank you for sharing.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 27 Nov @jasonpinter I was not aware they all inspired games. Would not be a big surprise though, seeing popular games inspired by them.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 27 Nov @SaraMegibow @ashlyn_mac Yes, you can! You have everything to finish it today. Just keep calm and do not forget to breath. We are with you.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 27 Nov @Richard_Bard Being alive is a gift. Living doing what you really want is much more than that. I agree, what can be better?

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 22 Nov Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim. NORA EPHRON #amwriting #writing

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 26 Nov The Globe’s top 29 picks for international fiction of 2012

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 26 Nov Books of the year 2012: authors choose their favourites via @guardian

David Gutowski, @largeheartedboy, 15 Nov Literary Agent: Authors Don’t Need Middlemen, They Need Partners #amwriting via @techdirt & @TimCushing

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 22 Nov @largeheartedboy @techdirt @TimCushing Change is very fast, members not finding new ways will not be useful and leave the stage. #amwriting

The Guardian, @guardian, 22 Nov Self-published stories: How A Family Affair went wrong – @AlisonFlood reviews what’s out there

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 16 Nov PRITCHETT:”But a novel is like an enormous tree with so many branches going off from it in all directions.” #amwriting #writing @parisreview

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 16 Nov @Author_Carmen Authors can’t bear imperfections of life while clearly seeing the perfect world created in their minds. #AmWriting #MyWana

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 15 Nov The purpose of writing is to make your mother and father drop dead with shame. J. P. DONLEAVY #amwriting #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 16 Nov @AdviceToWriters The result can be different shames, but I don’t think this is a must to reach the target. #amwriting #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 16 Nov @parisreview “The great thing about the short story is the detail, not the plot.” says Pritchett. I think novels with detail are great too.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 16 Nov @parisreview He was probably born too early to write novels. In today’s trend,number of novelists may catch readers at a predictable future.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 16 Nov @ErikaRobuck @Brendacopeland I was thinking just the opposite. Everybody knows hundreds of secrets but cannot decide which ones to apply!

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 15 Nov @Richard_Bard Second chances can be new lives. I wonder if you miss thrills of flying or you find more thrills in writing. Nice to know you.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 14 Nov @paulocoelho Congratulations for #5. I wonder what the 65 millions who have read “The Alchemist” are doing now. #writing #amwriting

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 11 Nov Cut out all those exclamation marks. An exclamation mark is like laughing at your own joke. F. SCOTT FITZGERALD #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 13 Nov @AdviceToWriters Or like hitting on the floor with your foot when you don’t know what to tell to express your anger. #writing #writetip

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 6 Nov Click these hashtags to find other writers: #NaNoWriMo #writing #reading #writer #writers (For more tags: ) Unbridled Books, @unbridledbooks, 5 Nov “Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.” —Ray Bradbury #NaNoWriMo #amwriting #cheeringforyou

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 13 Nov “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Nov @AdviceToWriters I wish there were ways to transform thinking directly to writing. It is tedious to catch the speed of thoughts. #writing

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Nov @40kBooks Not sure if the recipe will work, but it is absolutely informative and has an impressive artistic graphic effect.

Jon Winokur ,@AdviceToWriters, 11 Nov Use your imagination. Trust me, your lives are not interesting. Don’t write them down. W.P. KINSELLA #amwriting #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Nov @AdviceToWriters #amwriting #writing #writetip I can’t imagine a life which is not interesting.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Nov @JaneFriedman @instagram We will soon need a management software for pages on different media. Then a manager for the management software.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Nov @RaravisHq @parisreview Not particularly. I know there are numerous alternatives to survive in difficult inner and outer worlds.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 9 Nov @JaneFriedman I feel a more professional target in LinkedIn. But what are the consequences of that? I don’t know.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 9 Nov @JaneFriedman I was always confused about why there are so many social networks and what are their distinctive features.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 9 Nov @RaravisHq @parisreview I think there is a very strong border between what an adult really wants and he or she actually does, or has to do.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 8 Nov @RaravisHq @parisreview Children expressing themselves without any limits are normal, but are borders and rules of insincere adult world so?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 8 Nov @AdviceToWriters When I start before I have everything in my mind, writing becomes a pain for me.

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 6 Nov If I waited until I felt like writing, I’d never write at all. ANNE TYLER #amwriting #writing #writetip UpSearch SocialMedia, @UpSearchSocial, 7 Nov * Google Have Big Plans for Authorship- You Should Too | @socialmedia2day

Carol Wiley, @CarolWiley, 7 Nov 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes | LitReactor … via @litreactor

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 8 Nov @Alex_Austin #amwriting #mywana Beginning to work consistently on something you love before it’s too late should eventually lead to success.

Alex Myers @Alex_Austin8 Nov It is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate. #amwriting #mywana The Paris Review, @parisreview, 6 Nov “Writers are extremely lucky if even one of their novels survives into the future.” —Dennis Cooper

WordsWithoutBorders, @wwborders, 6 Nov A new Dispatch, “Friendship is a religion,” by Geoff Wisner: #BenJelloun #French #Arabic

Maria Popova, @brainpicker, 6 Nov “When a writer omits things he does not know, they show like holes in his writing.” Hemingway

The Paris Review, @parisreview, 1 Nov “There’s immense hesitation before writing the first word. So much depends on it.” — Alan Hollinghurst

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 1 Nov @parisreview Hollinghurst: “I think being an only child created in me a degree of self-reliance, which I’m glad of. ” Can this be true?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 1 Nov @JaneFriedman @brianoleary @Porter_Anderson I really wonder the publishers, agents, authors, and readers in the future.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 1 Nov @fionafaithross Jennifer Egan twitter stories like this one?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 1 Nov @fionafaithross Installments for reading pleasure? For appearance or for content?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 1 Nov @madhoydenish @ALALibrary @aallemanwrites I think banning can be banned, but warnings on covers for critical content can be necessary.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 1 Nov Grapefruit: Yoko Ono’s Poems, Drawings, and Instructions for Life | Brain Pickings … via @brainpicker

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 1 Nov Some Notes on the Novella … via @NewYorker

randomhouse, @randomhouse, 19 Oct “A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” John Le Carre (Born 10.19.31) #quotes #amwriting

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 20 Oct “If you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone who is wise and then just behave like they would…” … #amwriting #writing

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 23 Oct Twitter’s Fiction Festival! … It is probably possible to write a very short story. But can a 140 chars story be enjoyed?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 23 Oct @fionafaithross It is probably possible to write a very short story. But I am not sure how a 140 chars story will be enjoyed while reading.

Fiona Faith Ross, @fionafaithross, 23 Oct Twitter Fiction Festival. Can you write a story in 140 chars? #amwriting #twitterfiction

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 23 Oct “In order to write about life, first you must live it!” Ernest Hemingway

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 23 Oct @Quotes4Writers When can we say we lived our lives? Can we say we will remember our lives after we live, and they will still have a meaning?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 23 Oct @JodyHedlund The brain sense seems to be important for integrating all the results of our conception in our minds and works.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 23 Oct @aallemanwrites @madhoydenish @ALALibrary @tiki_toki Where will it end? It may not end. Replies to thoughts should be given with thoughts.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 19 Oct @madhoydenish @ALALibrary @tiki_toki Should banning of books be banned? Or will there always be some extreme deviations to be regulated?

Tallulah Scribbles, @madhoydenish, 19 Oct Timeline: 30 Years of Liberating Literature @ALALibrary (Timeline powered by @tiki_toki)

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 19 Oct @JodyHedlund Thanks. It can be a very special connection between the writer and the reader.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 19 Oct 12 Conduct Rules for Women from Rural Spain | Brain Pickings … via @brainpicker (1943) What can be the rules for 2043?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 19 Oct Will she win the third with the third book of the trilogy? – Hilary Mantel Wins a Second Booker Prize

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 19 Oct Hilary Mantel Wins a Second Booker Prize

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 19 Oct Do Agents and Editors Expect Novelists to Blog?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 19 Oct @JodyHedlund “250,000 contacts?” as Dave asked. Should a blog be interactive providing direct communication? Can 500 be better when active?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 19 Oct @JodyHedlund I think the key is the balance of “quality and saleability” as Rachelle said. All others may help when there is a strong base.

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 10 Oct Quote of the Day, from Doris Lessing: #amwriting #writing #writetip

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 11 Oct Write what you need to write, not what is currently popular or what you think will sell. P.D. JAMES #amwriting #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Oct @AdviceToWriters One day your readers may find you. If that day is not in your lifetime, learn to feel the future.

Jody Hedlund, @JodyHedlund, 12 Oct Some tips for using the 5 senses more strategically within our stories: … #amwriting

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Oct @JodyHedlund Can be a good source for building a 6th sense for the reader. Or the “Brain Sense” to be included in the text.

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 17 Oct Leave a decent space of time between writing something and editing it. ZADIE SMITH #amwriting #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Oct @AdviceToWriters Key should be the length of decent space. Long enough to look from another view, short enough not to forget where you are.

christinerose, @christinerose, 18 Oct Blog: “Four Steps to Twitter Success”

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Oct @christinerose Guidelines for success in a fast changing environment. Very difficult to keep up to date, but still useful.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Oct @ErikaRobuck I hope you enjoy being there and sharing your emotion thorough your words.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Oct @Quotes4Writers Yes, the words we select are important. They build us, define who we are, how we look at the future, and whom we will be.

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 18 Oct 10 Words to Live By: positivity, patience, courage, love, truth, confessin, appreciatn, rspnsblty, growth, persistence.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Oct @RaravisHq @parisreview Yes, it is interesting to note that the same words may have different meanings when spoken or written by others.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 17 Oct @mer_barnes A surprise notice, I guess. But I don’t think most writers have psychiatric issues. They probably feel better when they write.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 17 Oct @RaravisHq @parisreview I think summaries, short conclusions, direct referrals reach target easier and generally preferred and highlighted.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 17 Oct @mer_barnes Writers see their inner and outer worlds better. Is this because they have psychiatric issues, or they have them since they see?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Oct @HuffPostBooks Really brief and amazing.

HuffPost Books, @HuffPostBooks, 6 Oct It’s the final day of Banned Books Week. Have you seen our amazing infographic? ncacensorship, @ncacensorship, 12 Oct #bannedbooksweek is over, but #censorship still continues. Keep reading, viewing, and listening to challenged materials

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Oct @Alex_Austin Short is good. Unless long is a must.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Oct @JaneFriedman @ygoldlove @plympton Again an interesting post! The attempt seems to be interesting and important.Left a longer comment there.

Elaine Whitesides, @ewhitesides, 12 Oct @WritersDigest Writing is like breathing – sometimes shallow, sometimes natural, sometimes laborious – but always necessary!

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Oct @WritersDigest “I write because I have a belief in the immortality of libraries, and in the way my books sit on the shelf.” Pamuk

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Oct @WritersDigest “I write because I believe in literature, in the art of the novel, more than I believe in anything else.” Pamuk

Writer’s Digest, @WritersDigest, 12 Oct ‘Why I Write’ – One of the Best Things We’ve Read All Week (plus, a giveaway!)

The Paris Review, @parisreview, 12 Oct Great dialogue is very difficult to invent. Almost all great books have actual people in them. -James Salter

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000,12 Oct @parisreview “Because all this is going to vanish. The only thing left will be the prose and poems, the books, what is written down.” Salter

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Oct @parisreview SALTER: Hemingway “He’s a powerful writer, but personally, I find his character distasteful.” Henry Miller: “Glorious writer.”

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Oct @KMWeiland What if WWI poets wrote during WWII?Maybe a conclusion of specific experience, time and location,what feeds and defines the work.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Oct @KMWeiland @Porter_Anderson @TinaCadwallader @cchalliwell @EricStoffle @VinaMist @RSakaiIrvine @EMCastellan You are welcome!

TheReelist, @TheReelist, 11 Oct In honor of Banned Books Week, @pajiba counts down the best films based on censored books

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Oct @KMWeiland A very poetic expression with a critical question: “What is a good poem that the world will never be the same after being added?”

K.M. Weilan,d @KMWeiland, 10 Oct “A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it.”-Dylan Thomas #amwriting The Guardian, @guardian, 11 Oct Nobel prize in literature: who will win? via @guardianbooks

Paulo Coelho, @paulocoelho, 11 Oct To live is to experience, and not to sit around pondering the meaning of life

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Oct @paulocoelho Experiencing the routes opened by the meaning of life discovered personally by each individual can be living completely.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Oct @ErikaRobuck @histnovsoc @guardian Interesting data. Thanks a lot. This is like the visibility of the one under spotlight I guess.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Oct @aliventures I agree it is a very good advice. Simple and straight is best unless an indirect way (like Aesop language) is necessary.Thanks.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 10 Oct @aliventures True in most cases but I think there are exceptions, when there is an obstacle or when the path itself is not straight.

Ali Luke, @aliventures, 10 Oct “I write as straight as I can, just as I walk as straight as I can, because that is the best way to get there.” – H.G. Wells Giuseppe Granieri, @gg, 10 Oct Science fiction is a global language describing our shared future | @damiengwalter

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 9 Oct @brainpicker Amazing, but not sure I would like to be there. Enjoying the animation is almost perfect. Open Culture, @openculture, 8 Oct RT @nprnews: A Lively Mind: Your Brain On Jane Austen

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 9 Oct @goodinaroom I think the first one is really important. Not to show the value of the work to others,but to understand what it means for you.

Stephanie Palmer, @goodinaroom, 28 Aug NEW: 11 Ways To Write Faster

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 9 Oct @napoLeondynomyt @PenguinUKBooks Colors of life are good like sharing thoughts.Maybe we’ll evolve to handle too many colors flowing around.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 9 Oct @Mrs_S_B @PenguinUKBooks Seems different.(‘what light from yonder box does glow, moving images doth it show. The devils work it surely be’)

Penguin Classics, @PenguinClassics28 Sep 10 once-banned Penguin Classics to kick off #BannedBooksWeek next week. What would you add? @BannedbooksWeek

randomhouse, @randomhouse, 2 Oct “The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame.”–Oscar Wilde #bannedbooks

NY Public Library, @nyp, l4 Oct 1984? Catcher in the Rye? Grapes of Wrath? Celebrate Banned Books Week! Schwarzman Building – 1:15PM #programs

Jess Petrella, @jesspetrella, 3 Oct My poster in spirit of banned books week cc: @thebooksluts @MargaretAtwood @brainpicker

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Oct #bannedbooksweek One week will not be enough to ban all the books. To read all the banned books as well! Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Oct Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Bukowski, Susan Sontag, Harper Lee, and Other .s on Censorship | Brain Pickings … via @brainpicker

Sterling Publishing, @SterlingBooks, 30 Sep Some books leave us free and some books make us free. – Emerson via @ALALibrary #bannedbooksweek

Sterling Publishing, @SterlingBooks, 4 Oct This book won a Newbery Medal in 1963 and sold has sold over 10 million copies, but… #bannedbooksweek

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Oct @philo_quotes This is normal,isn’t it?One can think while not talking,but not easy to think deeply while talking. So content must be ready.

Arts & Letters Daily, @aldaily, 4 Oct The world’s worst words. How did they get that way? Overuse, mostly. Here’s the thing: Resistance is futile.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Oct @aldaily Which one should have more to say on language? Linguistics of semantics?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Oct @A_T_G_N_W_T @PenguinUKBooks Fiendish visions… Ruthless, intelligent, devilish or more? Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Oct @DomDark451 @PenguinUKBooks Not for the technology or tool (television) itself, but for the way of utilization maybe.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Oct @napoLeondynomyt @PenguinUKBooks Meaning you lose everything among colors? Including your thoughts and colors themselves?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Oct @Mrs_S_B @PenguinUKBooks Isn’t it too straight forward for him?

Penguin Books UK @PenguinUKBooks, 4 Oct Today’s #ShakespeareObject is the television. We think Shakespeare might have called it a “brain tickler”. Too generous? What do you think?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 4 Oct @PenguinUKBooks A brain tickler, not a dumb box then! But maybe not too generous. Like all techs, television has a potential to give more.

Margaret E. Atwood, @MargaretAtwood, 3 Oct Congratulations to the Giller Prize shortlist authors!

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 2 Oct @40kBooks @sfsignal Do completed stories lack depth since unknowns are lost? 40k, @40kBooks, 2 Oct #amWriting: Three Ways to End a Horror Story | @SFSignal

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Sep @wwborders Reading a work opens a new world. Translation creates similar ideas in your world. Words remove borders as worlds connect.

WordsWithoutBorders, @wwborders, 27 Sep A new Dispatch, “Translation Roundup”, by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren: #Translation #News

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 28 Sep @JaneFriedman @Bougie I agree and believe less is more. But what is behind success of large volume books? Maybe they have much more inside.

Paulo Coelho, @paulocoelho, 28 Sep We are what we do, and not what we think we must do

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 26 Sep Computer Aided Literature via @wordpressdotcom

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 26 Sep

@AuthorAnswers I think we will need book covers of different forms even in e-books, as long as we have to choose one among many.

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 25 Sep A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. THOMAS MANN (via @AdviceToWriters)

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 24 Sep “Write what should not be forgotten…” Isabel Allende … (via …)

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 24 Sep @Quotes4Writers If what should not be forgotten for you should also not be forgotten in the future, what you write will be classical.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 24 Sep @AuthorAnswers Fake reviews are not ethical, but considering them a crime would be another mistake. Classification of reviews can be fine.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 24 Sep @Quotes4Writers Words make thinking possible. Writing makes ideas permanent.

Retweets for Writers, @Retweets4Writer, 24 Sep “Writing is thinking made visible. As writing is visible it allows people to work together in a complex intellectual space.” S A Bernhardt

40k, @40kBooks, 21 Sep #amWriting: Writing Blogs as an Alternative to Writing Books

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 21 Sep @40kBooks It may be quite difficult to keep blogs and books apart after a while. How long after? We still need time to see.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 21 Sep @aallemanwrites @PageOneLitER “I soon realized there was a very real world issue with crime on cruise ships” Does this refer to real facts?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 21 Sep My answer: Youth! One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful: via @youtube

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 19 Sep The Writer Must Be A Psychologist: #amwriting #writing #writetip

Arts & Letters Daily, @aldaily, 20 Sep Our social interactions make us who we are, and they can make us sick.

NPR Books, @nprbooks, 20 Sep A Leap Of The Imagination Across The ‘River Of Bees’

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Sep @JaneFriedman Are you there? Really?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Sep @ErikaRobuck @beachbum2199 Congratulations. Seems Hemingway’s girl coming into life in minds.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Sep @matthewteller Agonies of sons and daughters of nature are increasing. Hope it will not end with the unstoppable agony of the world.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Sep @AdviceToWriters I can add sleeping and swimming, although the second will probably not be practicable when the problem in writing occurs.

Jon Winokur, @AdviceToWriters, 20 Sep A problem with a piece of writing often clarifies itself if you go for a long walk. HELEN DUNMORE #amwriting #writing #writetip

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Sep As writers and readers get faster, keywords are sufficient for a story. Computer Aided Literature via @wordpressdotcom

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 20 Sep If we look at the future, we can see the Homer and Shakespeare of tomorrow. Literature for Future via @wordpressdotcom

Open Culture, @openculture, 18 Sep Two Vintage Films by Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel: Un Chien Andalou and L’Age d’Or.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Sep @aldaily Or providing means to find “new and compelling ways of telling one another the stories our species seems”?

Arts & Letters Daily, @aldaily,18 Sep Is digital self-publishing the beginning of the end of literature, of works that endure over time?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 18 Sep @Richard_Bard Thank you for following me. Hope to keep in touch. You can find more in wordpress.

Open Culture, @openculture, 16 Sep Rare Recording: Leo Tolstoy Reads From His Last Major Work in Four Languages, 1909.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 17 Sep Anxiety: On Being Nothing “… learning to orbit, being the world’s audience instead of demanding the world be mine.”

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 17 Sep @JaneFriedman @brianjaystanley @nytimes True. Desire for affirmation is human character, and writers can be “human” even “at light speed”.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 17 Sep @myconfusedface If war is never the answer, why are there so many mistakes and bloody responses of blind and deaf hearts?

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 17 Sep @JimBrownBooks True. The next can be they have Tuesday after if one can be patient enough. And Friday after several days!

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 17 Sep @PenguinUKBooks “… ‘a textbook for the future’ – one that brings to light inspiring ideas for positive change”,,9781846146985,00.html …

Penguin Books UK, @PenguinUKBooks, 17 Sep It’s the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street today. RT your support. The book, Meme Wars, is out 13th Nov: #ows

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 14 Sep 2012 shortlist announced

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Sep @JaneFriedman Seems to be an interesting project. Thanks.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Sep @clarebalding1 Congratulations. Enjoy the moment. This should be the best period. Good luck for the next.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 12 Sep @mer_barnes If there is no change in your setup information, it can be due to a temporary problem in the service provider.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @AuthorAnswers Probably not. If they were, the biggest companies would not offer free books. There may be unexpected consequences though.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @NicholeBernier @vintagebooks @GuardianBooks Thank you for sharing the brief introductions of the Booker prize shortlist 2012

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @NicholeBernier @vintagebooks @GuardianBooks “Amid “the stillness of the mountains” and “the depth of the silence”, a story slowly unfolds.

Mehmet Arat, @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @NicholeBernier @vintagebooks @GuardianBooks “A brother is as easily forgotten as an umbrella. ”

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @NicholeBernier @vintagebooks @GuardianBooks “The plot is simple yet impossible to summarise. Futh reflects on early trips he took with…”

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @NicholeBernier @vintagebooks @GuardianBooks “Now comes the aptly titled Bring Up the Bodies, which picks up the body parts where …”

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @NicholeBernier @vintagebooks @GuardianBooks “Levy’s writing combines linguistic virtuosity, technical brilliance and a strong sense of …”

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @NicholeBernier @vintagebooks @GuardianBooks “In Rashid’s opium room the air is thick with voices and ghosts: Hindu, Muslim, Christian.”

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @NicholeBernier @vintagebooks @GuardianBooks Thank you for sharing the brief introduction of the Booker prize shortlist 2012 …

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @NicholeBernier @vintagebooks @GuardianBooks Thanks for the valuable collection of information.

Nichole Bernier @NicholeBernier, 11 Sep The Booker Prize shortlist is out : via @vintagebooks and @GuardianBooks

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Sep @paulocoelho Beginning is happiness, end is sorrow, true. But wouldn’t first days become boring if we start living them every day?

Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 11 Sep Why is there a surge in memoir? Is it a good thing? by @shirleyhs

Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 9 Sep Why emotional excess is essential to writing & creativity: … | @brainpicker

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Sep @philo_quotes A child is not bound with prejudgments and benefits, does not have predetermined ways of understanding the world.

Philosophers quotes @philo_quotes, 9 Sep There is frequently more to be learned from the unexpected questions of a child than the discourses of men. ~ John Locke

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Sep @CathyPresland Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress.

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Sep @Janeth_Fialho Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress.

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Sep @WoahRelatable Maybe after some time, a way for Internet funerals shall be found after the ones leaving a platform, like made in real life.

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Sep @jonnygeller One should wonder why they all deal with such a hard task. Probably readers are the luckiest when the books they find are good.

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Sep @AuthorAnswers The change is really too fast. I really wonder the next generation of authors. The capabilities are competing with risks.

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Sep @ErikaRobuck @jennbookshelves @janetsomerville @wordsxo @bermudaonion @BethFishReads @ReneeRosen1 @LitHousewife Sorry, what is this #FF?

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Sep @parisreview But writing teaches writing. -John McPhee

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Sep @TheRedAlert @parisreview I agree nowadays it is not possible to concentrate on anything longer than several seconds unless you are there.

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Sep @TEDchris A very fast change. I am almost sure for 10 years later but have no idea about the next century.

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 6 Sep @RefinageNilk Internitis? Is that a technical name for Internet addiction?

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 6 Sep @40kBooks Publishing is a business. Writing is freedom. Passing the narrow bridge between writing and publishing? It is another story. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 4 Sep @JaneFriedman Seems to be a really good source. Was there an answer for how to handle supply and demand paradox in today’s world?

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 4 Sep @melissaklug @ErikaRobuck It is nice to hear about Gutenberg girls and “One thing we do know: print isn’t dead” in the digital era. Thanks.

Open Culture @openculture, 3 Sep 40 Great Filmmakers Go Old School, Shoot Short Films with 100 Year Old Camera. Watch:

Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 4 Sep For everyone who has ever missed a deadline…

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 4 Sep @WoahRelatable Is it possible to be immortal in Internet through a powerful software?Not now, but who knows the future?

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 4 Sep @RefinageNilk One needs to be careful on that. They say it can be one of the symptoms of Internet addiction!

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 4 Sep @dsaranti Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 3 Sep @guardian @guardianmoney Digital rights management seems to be a very complex topic, it will probably be more complex tomorrow.


Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 29 Aug @paulocoelho @inannie83 This is cute, imagining dogs repeating each other, but I still believe human re-tweet is a bit different. Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho, 29 Aug Great! RT @inannie83 Neighbor’s dog must be very popular.. every time he barks, the other dogs RT him… Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 29 Aug @pharr2 Friend to one? Is it possible? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Aug @SaraMegibow @MirandaKennealy Or silly me, searching a book named Victory Dance. Anyway, can it be a title for long story of a new author? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Aug @SaraMegibow @MirandaKennealy Congratulations again. I believe positive reviews are the best awards for all. NPR Books @nprbooks, 24 Aug ‘Incognito’: What’s Hiding In The Unconscious Mind Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Aug @RachelleGardner I am not a frequent blog reader, but reduced schedules may be better, like magazines having advantages over newspapers. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Aug @SaraMegibow @MirandaKennealy At first, I searched a book title “victory glance”. Student-teacher romance is difficult. Congratulations! Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 23 Aug The beauty of literature. Discover your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely & isolated from anyone. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Aug Computer Aided Literature via @wordpressdotcom View photo Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Aug @AuthorAnswers The style depends on the purpose I think, if not chosen by mistake. Margo Candela @AuthorAnswers, 22 Aug Tips on negative-review etiquette, Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Aug @ErikaRobuck I believe it is. Is “something dreadful seems to happen to Hemingway as soon as he begins to write in the first person” true? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 17 Aug @ErikaRobuck Interesting title. Shores remind some critical edges and light infinity. Reminds thoughts trying to find a solid base in space. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 17 Aug @RachelleGardner Thank you for sharing, it was more than fun. I left a comment for the one about worst moments and money. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 16 Aug @TBlackford3 Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress. (At least in the future!) … Philosophers quotes @philo_quotes, 14 Aug Every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death. ~ Schopenhauer Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 14 Aug @philo_quotes No one is yet sure about the life after death, but every one well knows the life after sleep, the dreams… The Paris Review @parisreview, 13 Aug I don’t believe that a reviewer or a critic can really criticize well unless he can praise well. –James Dickey Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 14 Aug @parisreview Dickey for Plath:”She’s just someone who killed herself out of literary desperation” Isn’t it too tough? … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 14 Aug @parisreview Not sure which way is more correct, criticize unless praise like said, or the opposite: praise well unless criticize well. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 14 Aug @openculture Books are the dreams created by the writer. When dreams at sleep are understood, secrets of creativity can be seen better. Open Culture @openculture13 Aug The Science of Sleep: Dreaming, Depression, and How REM Sleep Regulates Negative Emotions. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 14 Aug @JaneFriedman Hi Jane. I think there is a problem with the link. Although probably I don’t need any advice for now,I would just have a look. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 14 Aug @philo_quotes I think this is beyond philosophy in today’s world. Medicine decrease diseases in general, although not valid for all cases. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Aug @Gabby_Mendoza17 Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress. (At least in the future!) … Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman10 Aug I’m quoted on the Drinking Diaries blog today! 6 Reasons Why Women Like to Drink: via @Leaheps Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Aug @JaneFriedman @Leaheps Increasing reasons for drinking is dangerous. Both for men and women.One reason,for a break and fun should be enough. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Aug @parisreview “All writers feel struck by the limitations of language. All serious writers.” Margaret Atwood … The Paris Review @parisreview10 Aug Striptease has become less interesting since they did away with the costumes. It’s become Newtonian. –Margaret Atwood Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Aug @AndyStraka Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress. (At least in the future!) … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 3 Aug @ErikaRobuck Should be wonderful! Does her show also have a music? I haven’t watched anything except few moments of the opening ceremony. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 3 Aug @CathyPresland Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress. (At least in the future!) … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 2 Aug Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 2 Aug Literature for Future via @wordpressdotcom Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 2 Aug @JaneFriedman @rgay Interesting hints for men also. I think like poles push each other so there is more competition within the same gender. Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 1 Aug 125 famous authors collectively vote on the 100 greatest books of all time (via @brainpicker) Arts & Letters Daily @aldaily, 2 Aug What does a dispute among the muses have to do with empathy? Elaine Scarry explains… Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 2 Aug @aldaily Are afterlife and immortality used in the same meaning? I feel like afterlife can be valid for mortals.


Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 31 Jul @AdviceToWriters I think this may not be a good comparison, like saying an a 100 meters athlete runs much faster than a marathon runner. Open Culture @openculture, 31 Jul Charles Bukowski: Depression and Three Days in Bed Can Restore Your Creative Juices (NSFW). Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 31 Jul @willhanschell Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress. (At least in the future!) … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Jul @JodyHedlund Depends how we define success. For me value in writing is the first, dissemination comes after.Social media can help both. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 18 Jul A translation from the center: 14 • metaphor by Chen Yuhong – Poems – Poetry Translation Centre: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 18 Jul @PoetryTranslate Is it possible to translate poetry? Maybe not. But a translation can be re-written in minds to build new poems. Poetry Translation @PoetryTranslate, 18 Jul Check out our current featured poems by Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi, Noshi Gillani and Victor Teran Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 18 Jul @SaraMegibow Nice to be understood. Thanks… Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 18 Jul @ErikaRobuck @xHeatherxMariex I don’t (maybe can’t) laugh much, but your reply made me smile. Thank you. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 17 Jul @ErikaRobuck I don’t know her name. I couldn’t even smile. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 17 Jul @SaraMegibow It takes a lot to learn being happy is more important than being right in most cases. And understanding is better than judging. 40k @40kBooks, 15 Jul #amWriting: What Can Happen to You When You Read Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 16 Jul @theodoragoss I believe laundry in the bathtub is a very small part of your glamorous life there. But don’t they have laundry service? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 13 Jul @parisreview “Cigarettes, all those addictive substances are part of the bad side of what we do.” could be another reference! WorldLiteratureToday @worldlittoday, 12 Jul It’s almost the weekend – scope out a new book early from our #whattoreadnow feature on Migration Narratives: The Paris Review @parisreview, 13 Jul Write what will stop your breath if you don’t write. –Grace Paley Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 13 Jul @TheWoodzick Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress in the future. (At least in the future!) … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 13 Jul @petermrosenberg Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress in the future. (At least in the future!) … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 13 Jul @Kelsye Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress in the future. (At least in the future!) … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 13 Jul @writehedgebrook Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress in the future. (At least in the future!) … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 13 Jul @WriterlyTweets Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress in the future. (At least in the future!) … talexander @talexander11 Jul Revising today & loving it. “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” Ernest Hemingway Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Jul @talexander When the perfect book will be written by the first master, literature will be over. Luckily, this will never happen. Margo Candela @AuthorAnswers10 Jul Toni Morrison’s advice to writers is…”Respect Writer’s Block,” Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters10 Jul Literature Requires Silence: #writing #writetip Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Jul @AdviceToWriters That’s why it is not easy to reach and find literature in the noisy world of today. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Jul @KikiSokoli Not possible I think, many should be available. At least theoretically! But the best ones? That’s another story. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Jul @iSkittlesNerd Meaningful, but it is not possible to understand ideas without words. The problem may be missing the correct words. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Jul @paulocoelho “There is no happy love” / Aragon. Does love start fading when you don’t suffer? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Jul @JohnDavisBooks Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress in the future. (At least in the future!) … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Jul Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Jul Literature for Future via @wordpressdotcom Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters9 Jul F. Scott Fitzgerald: “All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.” (via @GoIntoTheStory) Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Jul @AdviceToWriters @GoIntoTheStory I never imagined writing so dangerous, if you can’t complete on time, you will be drowned in your ideas. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Jul @alaindebotton This seems to be true by definition, then comes the question if there is any hint about how to get the power. Google Book Search @googlebooks, 9 Jul They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Jul @googlebooks Poe … influence on Dostoevsky, Doyle, Verne, and Baudelaire. Is there an objective way of measuring? Open Culture @openculture, 2 Jul The History of Philosophy Visualized. High Tech Way to See the Influence of Great Philosophers. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 2 Jul @openculture Technology for philosophy! Will this be a new era of relational thoughts coming from a central database? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 2 Jul @sharda_dulal Thank you for following me. You can find more in wordpress in the future.


Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Jun @TonyMichael And I think more often, they will need to co-operate for real solution. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 26 Jun @paulocoelho Does this remind in a way: “Live as if you will never die, pray as you will die tomorrow.” Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 26 Jun @weisedame @SmithsonianMag Can an advantage be “As you grow older, years to live as old will decrease”? I wish young brain and body for old. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 26 Jun @corinnedemas I was surprised to see Writing Circle is a fiction rather than advice for writes. Seems interesting. Expand Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 26 Jun @ElaineCharles1 Thank you for following me. Hope to hear more in the future. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Jun 12 @JaneFriedman I think educators always have plenty of advice for new students, and maybe 10 % for the previous ones. But may need new ways. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Jun 12 @philo_quotes But as we are still far from the truth we actually want, we still refuse to accept it without distorting and misleading. Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer5 Jun 12 “You have to be brave to take out that white sheet of paper and put on it words that could be evidence of your stupidity.” Sol Saks Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 1 Jun 12 @JaneFriedman I am sure such new tools will be helpful, but learning and getting used to them may not be so easy in the fast world of today. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 1 Jun 12 @JaneFriedman @nickearls @excitingpress @Porter_Anderson But as good apples need more effort, it will be more difficult to find them. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 1 Jun 12 @JaneFriedman @nickearls @excitingpress @Porter_Anderson “The more good apples we have, the harder it is to see the bad ones.” True.


Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 31 May 12 “The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.” Anaïs Nin Jody Hedlund @JodyHedlund, 1 Jun 12 My favorite Pin of the week: The 4 Stages Of Writing via @inkyelbows … #writers Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 1 Jun 12 @JodyHedlund @inkyelbows Nice cycle. Hopefully, each circle will bring a better writing to end with a smile one day. Thanks for sharing. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 1 Jun 12 To award or not to award. Is this what really matters? … Erika Robuck @ErikaRobuck, 22 May 12 I need to write a synopsis for my new novel proposal, but the novel, itself, insists I keep writing it. #amwriting Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 May 12 @ErikaRobuck Writing a synopsis looks like planning a project, writing freely is living. I don’t like working on plans, but I know we need. Jessica Strawser @jessicastrawser, 22 May 12 Nice, clear explanations here: RT @annerallen Who Are the Big 6? What Does “Indie” Really Mean? A’s to Not-So-Dumb Q’s Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 22 May 12 “Keep your readers interested in the topic, not in you” + 9 other wise principles: by @robertniles Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 May 12 @JaneFriedman @robertniles Is it really the topic what readers are interested? I thought they were mostly interested in the writer! Erika Robuck @ErikaRobuck22 May 12 As much as possible. Great post. RT @JodyHedlund: How Much Interaction Should Authors Have With Readers? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 17 May 12 Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 17 May 12 Literature for Future via @wordpressdotcom The Paris Review @parisreview, 10 May 12 You must distinguish between history and the writing of history. – Heinrich Boll Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho, 11 May 12 The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become #Aleph Tim Weed @weedlit, 8 May 12 @mehmetarat2000, @ErikaRobuck here’s the correct link: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 May 12 @weedlit @ErikaRobuck Thank you. Arts & Letters Daily @aldaily, 8 May 12 Wait: What? Secularism is incompatible with creativity? Rachelle Gardner @RachelleGardner, 8 May 12 You’ve heard, “We will sell no wine before its time.” Let’s apply that to books! Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 8 May 12 Tough writing lesson to learn: You’ve got to leave stuff out. [my latest post] Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 May 12 @ErikaRobuck @weedlit Hi Erika. Is there a problem with the link? I was not able to access. The Paris Review @parisreview, 8 May 12 I believe you have constructive accidents en route through a novel when you have mapped a clear way. – John Irving Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 May 12 @parisreview “INTERVIEWER: How did you first get published? IRVING: I was lucky from the start.” Main point is the definition of this luck. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @RachelleGardner Hi Rachelle. My first video trial. I wonder what you will think. Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @mer_barnes Hi Meredith. My first video trial. I wonder what you will think. Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @ErikaRobuck Hi Erika. My first video trial. I wonder what you will think. Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @ValaFaye Hi. My first video trial. I wonder what you will think. Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @aliventures @ValaFaye Hi. My first video trial. I wonder what you will think. Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @JodyHedlund Hi Jody. My first video trial. I wonder what you will think. Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @Porter_Anderson @JaneFriedman Hi. My first video trial. I wonder what you will think. Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @valerieparv Hi Valeri. My first video trial. I wonder what you will think. Women on Ground: via @youtube Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 Women on Ground: via @youtube Selim And Sima; The Last Love Story The hopeless morning of a lonely night… Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 6 May 12 “Writing doesn’t get easier with time; every novel is a first novel.” John le Carré Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @AdviceToWriters Sometimes a dozen is needed to be written to decide where you will go and to find the diamonds for the next one. Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters7 May 12 Don’t write too much. Concentrate your sweat on one story rather than dissipate it over a dozen. JACK LONDON #amwriting #writing #writetip Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 May 12 @RachelleGardner Do I understand correctly?Do you find reading an e-book more comfortable than reading the same as a traditional paper book? Alfred A. Knopf @AAKnopf, 1 May 12 Why Toni Morrison Deserves Her Place in the Literary Pantheon @NYMAG Alfred A. Knopf @AAKnopf, 1 May 12 RT @authorrk “A short story is a love affair, a novel is a marriage. A short story is a photograph; a novel is a film.” L. Moore #shortreads Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 2 May 12 @AAKnopf @authorrk Is this really descriptive and meaningful? Long ones require more commitment, but short ones can tell and affect more.


Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 28 Apr 12 “Two different ways of lying to try to get at truth: fiction lies by fabricating what isn’t there; nonfiction lies by omitting what is.” Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 30 Apr 12 Literature for Future via @wordpressdotcom NY Review of Books @nybooks, 27 Apr 12 What will the future of publishing be, in a market dominated by Amazon? Independent start-ups, says Jason Epstein Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 @JodyHedlund Hi Jody. I wanted to share my essay “Literature for Future” … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 @aliventures Hi Ali. I wanted to share my essay “Literature for Future” It was only 200 words per day. Maybe less. … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 @ValaFaye Hi. I wanted to share my essay “Literature for Future” … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 @mer_barnes Hi Meredith. I wanted to share my essay “Literature for Future” … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 @ErikaRobuck Hi Erika. I wanted to share my essay “Literature for Future” … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 @Porter_Anderson @JaneFriedman Hi Porter. I wanted to share my essay “Literature for Future” For better days. … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 @JaneFriedman Hi Jane. I wanted to share my essay “Literature for Future”. Sent at light speed by a human. … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 @RachelleGardner Hi Rachelle. I wanted to share my essay “Literature for Future” … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 @valerieparv Hi Valerie. I wanted to share my essay “Is there a future for literature?” Not only in my mind now. … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Apr 12 “Literature for Future” From Homer to unknown talents of tomorrow. Is there a future for literature? … The Guardian @guardian, 23 Apr 12 Five things Alfred Hitchcock’s films taught me | Anne Billson for @commentisfree Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 12 Apr 12 @RachelleGardner They may be reading more but the meaning of reading needs to be re-considered. Can anyone be really alone with a book now? Rachelle Gardner @RachelleGardner12 Apr 12 Is it possible people are actually reading more than ever? Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 12 Apr 12 What fuels the most influential tweets? Interesting: by @jaredbkeller at @TheAtlantic The Guardian @guardian, 12 Apr 12 Homer and Plato go digital: Vatican and Bodleian libraries to offer rare collections online – report by @swajones In Print Writers @InPrintWriters, 2 Apr 12 In Print Writers Daily is out! ? Top stories today via @konradventana @yurike_maeda @mehmetarat2000 @waderouse Philosophers quotes @philo_quotes, 5 Apr 12 There is nothing in the world so much admired as a man who knows how to bear unhappiness with courage. ~ Seneca Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 6 Apr 12 @philo_quotes The first sentence can be adapted “Having the most advanced computer (or technology) is nothing.”, the second being the same. Philosophers quotes @philo_quotes, 5 Apr 12 It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well. ~ Descartes Philosophers quotes @philo_quotes6 Apr 12 No one can give you better advice than yourself. ~ Cicero Philosophers quotes @philo_quotes, 6 Apr 12 It is the sign of a great mind to dislike greatness, and to prefer things in measure to things in excess. ~ Seneca rodney_yee @rodney_yee, 3 Apr 12 “All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.” – Eckhart Tolle Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 4 Apr 12 @rodney_yee Is it possible to find inner stillness at a place of no-mind? How? Open Culture @openculture, 3 Apr 12 “The First 49 Stories” by Ernest Hemingway added to our collection of 300 Free eBooks: Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 4 Apr 12 Project Gutenberg is the first & largest single collection of free eBooks. Latest top 100 downloads: Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 1 Apr 12 40 Twitter Hashtags for Writers: #amwriting #writing #writetip Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 2 Apr 12 @AdviceToWriters Would it be necessary to make a distinction between objective and subjective improvement before the final decision? Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 1 Apr 12 If the poem can be improved by the author’s explanations, it never should have been published. ARCHIBALD MacLEISH #poetry #writing Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 2 Apr 12 “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett


Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 30 Mar 12 @FewMinutesForMe @nprbooks Should be interesting to have such a result in three minutes. Carol Dannhauser @FewMinutesForMe, 29 Mar 12 Some of the best writing I’ve read today is on the @nprbooks Three-Minute Fiction page on Facebook. And it’s comments! Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 28 Mar 12 Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once. STEPHEN KING #amwriting #writing #writetip Open Culture @openculture, 29 Mar 12 Art in the Era of the Internet. How Kickstarter, Creative Commons, etc are Changing the Arts World: Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 27 Mar 12 “Readers expect a story to keep the promises it makes…” 10 Obvious Truths About Fiction: #fiction #writing #writetip Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 28 Mar 12 @AdviceToWriters 11th truth: Most readers already know all the truths, so you need to discover new rules for each new work. Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 28 Mar 12 If people ask what you publish & you say “Great stuff,” how long do you expect to be around? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Mar 12 @JodyHedlund This is very human I think. May be an example for Jane Friedman’s “Being Human at Electric Speed” I believe sharing is living. Open Culture @openculture, 26 Mar 12 Great Works of Science Fiction Free on the Web: Huxley, Orwell, Asimov, Gaiman & Beyond. Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 26 Mar 12 “To be the kind of writer you want to be, you must first be the kind of thinker you want to be.” Ayn Rand Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Mar 12 @Quotes4Writers My first search: Tomorrow. … Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 26 Mar 12 The Search Engine for Writers: Alfred A. Knopf @AAKnopf, 26 Mar 12 “Believe that the fairy tale is true. Love, @Sugar_TheRumpus” #wildsugar erin kissane @kissane, 26 Mar 12 “Quit worrying about your career. You don’t have a career, you have a life. Do the work.” — @Sugar_TheRumpus #wildsugar Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Mar 12 @kissane @Sugar_TheRumpus We have a life to live. We need a job to survive. Would be excellent to be paid when doing the work. 40k @40kBooks, 26 Mar 12 #amWriting: 25 Inspiring Biographies for Aspiring Writers Giuseppe Granieri @gg, 26 Mar 12 Do We Need Stories? 40k @40kBooks, 27 Mar 12 #amWriting: Rules of writing: the auto-tune of literature Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Mar 12 @ReaIWiIISmith Conclusion: Sometimes throwing flour can be more dangerous than killing someone depending on where you stand and look. Vala Faye @ValaFaye, 27 Mar 12 @aliventures and other writers, you might find this very useful: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Mar 12 @ValaFaye @aliventures Writing faster seems good but then you may not enjoy what you live during the experience and lose the thrill. Jody Hedlund @JodyHedlund, 27 Mar 12 Leaders: Don’t forget social media is SOCIAL. You need to be responding. (Good advice for authors too) (RT @PhilCooke) Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Mar 12 @JodyHedlund @PhilCooke The critical point is: As one gets more social, s/he lacks time more and can’t respond. Social becomes commercial. Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 22 Mar 12 “The question … writers should be asking … is who we want in charge of literary curation”: via @tnbtweets Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Mar 12 @JaneFriedman @tnbtweets How can a piece of sand be noticed in the beach? While almost all the sands are playing a loud game on the shows. Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 21 Mar 12 The End of an Era for “The Encyclopaedia Britannica: #amwriting #writing #writetip goodreads @goodreads, 21 Mar 12 “Poetry is eternal graffiti written in the heart of everyone.” #quoteoftheday Open Culture @openculture, 21 Mar 12 27 of History’s Strangest Inventions. Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 21 Mar 12 “The one great rule of composition is to speak the truth…” #amwriting #writing #writetip Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Mar 12 @AdviceToWriters Is it? I thought lies, whether they are pink, black, or whatever, sell more. They may not have a better composition though. Bill Cameron @bcmystery, 22 Mar 12 Those who defend the indefensible with “It’s the law!” need to be reminded the law isn’t about what’s right, it’s about who’s in charge. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Mar 12 @bcmystery True for law as rules and regulations, but it should be considered together with the concept of rights, philosophy and history. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Mar 12 @ErikaRobuck Seems good reflecting atmosphere of 1930’s. If the book also does, mission is completed. Is it your new novel on Hemingway? Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 20 Mar 12 “If things go static, stories die, because life is never static.” Andrew Stanton Meredith Barnes @mer_barnes, 20 Mar 12 This is the weirdest thing ever. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 20 Mar 12 @mer_barnes From e-book side, I think you are right. Is this a clue to prove we will have paper books for much longer than some may expect? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 20 Mar 12 @AdviceToWriters “Autobiography Begins with Memory” Very true I think, with a subjective look at all the information gathered in years. Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 20 Mar 12 Quote of the Day, from William Gass: #amwriting #writing #writetip Penguin Books USA @penguinusa, 20 Mar 12 MT @averybooks: one bartender turns wine to water for those in need via @mothernaturenetwork @DocHendley @winetowater Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 20 Mar 12 @penguinusa @averybooks @mothernaturenetwork @DocHendley @winetowater This is really interesting, may be useful if conversions are economic. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 19 Mar 12 @Quotes4Writers What writers believe for end is not important.They will write what they see and feel until finding real happy end some day. Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 18 Mar 12 Quote of the Day, from John Le Carré: #amwriting #writing Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 19 Mar 12 I don’t think writers should write about answers, I think writers should write about questions. PAUL HAGGIS #amwriting #writing #writetip Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 16 Mar 12 The Writer’s Job/Tim Parks … Is it being “in love with the ideas of GREATNESS and IMPORTANCE” or something else? IFOA @ifoa, 16 Mar 12 A Friday afternoon existential rumination: what was and is this person called “a writer”? #fb Margo Candela @AuthorAnswers, 16 Mar 12 The First Films of 10 Famous Directors, Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 14 Mar 12 “I shall live badly if I do not write, and I shall write badly if I do not live.” Francoise Sagan Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 14 Mar 12 @ErikaRobuck Coffee would be very happy for that, but I hope you have other candidates for your sonnets. Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 14 Mar 12 Encyclopaedia Britannica to end print editions: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Mar 12 @paulocoelho To live on the expectation of being awarded some day is a waste of time. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Mar 12 @alaindebotton Happiness. The ball leaving us the moment we are just about to catch it! jane ciabattari @janeciab, 6 Mar 12 NBCC’s 5 finalists: Best Poetry Books of the Year – Modern Poetry – … Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 6 Mar 12 “For a creative writer possession of the “truth” is less important than emotional sincerity.” George Orwell Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 6 Mar 12 “A novel should be an experience and convey an emotional truth rather than arguments.” Joyce Cary Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 6 Mar 12 I don’t when Twitter started, but are we now better in expressing what we are in 140 characters? I think my 241 tweets affected my style. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 6 Mar 12 @ErikaRobuck Is it an effort to increase classical music listeners, or is it just for you like it? Hope good work will always find to reach. Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 6 Mar 12 “Writers aren’t exactly people…. They’re a whole bunch of people trying to be one person.” F Scott Fitzgerald Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 6 Mar 12 @RachelleGardner I was fascinated with Goodreads, seeing the books on virtual shelves, but too many books give a feeling of being lost. Rachelle Gardner @RachelleGardner, 6 Mar 12 Authors, are you effectively using Goodreads? I’ve got two posts to help you. Start here: QuoteBuddy @QuoteBuddy, 1 Mar 12 “Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending.” ~ A.D. Graham


Guardian Film @guardianfilm, 27 Feb 12 Oscars 2012 critics’ review: ‘They rewarded films that suggest that the world is a happy place’ – video Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Feb 12 @guardianfilm Let’s wish the world to become a happier place in real. Mike Duran @cerebralgrump, 27 Feb 12 What Genres Do You Refuse to Read? (And Why You Shouldn’t Refuse to Read Them): … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Feb 12 @cerebralgrump The world needs diversity in reading for a better global village with less intolerance. Thank you for sharing. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Feb 12 @JaneFriedman @Porter_Anderson “Financially, traditional publishers are struggling…the competition has turned fierce. …” Very sad, isn’t it? Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 24 Feb 12 Weekend reading: Confusion among writers about where they stand in the industry: by @Porter_Anderson Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Feb 12 @mehmetarat2000 @ElmoAllen A good summary for today’s racing world. To increase scores everywhere. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Feb 12 @ElmoAllen “The main mechanism of school reform today is to identify teachers who can raise their students’ test scores every year.” Elmo Allén @ElmoAllen, 23 Feb 12 “The corporate reformers admire Finland, apparently not recognizing that Finland disproves every part of their agenda.” … Margo Candela @AuthorAnswers, 23 Feb 12 Who are the most influential writers? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Feb 12 @Quotes4Writers First lines OK, but is it good to know the last lines if you have not read the book? Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 24 Feb 12 100 Best LAST Lines from Novels: … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Feb 12 @parisreview Technologies,interests,concepts,and art change for a “progress in art-movement”.Are those sufficient to create modern classics? The Paris Review @parisreview, 24 Feb 12 I don’t think you can talk about progress in art—movement, but not progress. – Donald Barthelme Martina Boone @MartinaABoone, 24 Feb 12 The emotional processing of rejection is a kind of grief.@jenunedited shares the stages. #myWANA … Margo Candela @AuthorAnswers, 21 Feb 12 Author Paul Auster on why…Becoming a Writer is Not a “Career Decision” Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho, 22 Feb 12 “Google before you tweet” is the new “think before you speak” Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 20 Feb 12 “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” William Shedd (1820-1894) University Professor, Author Open Culture @openculture, 20 Feb 12 Vladimir Nabokov Marvels Over Different “Lolita” Book Covers. Vintage video: … City Lights Books @CityLightsBooks, 20 Feb 12 “It could be a weapon, a real instrument for transformation politics.” -Toni Cade Bambara on writing: … #blackhistory 40k @40kBooks, 19 Feb 12 #amWriting: A Brief History of Blurbs Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer20 Feb 12 “People have no idea what a hard job it is for 2 writers to be friends. Sooner or later u have to talk about each other’s work.” A Broyard Giuseppe Granieri @gg, 14 Feb 12 It’s not the tech writers, but writers of fiction who best help us understand what’s going on in the modern world Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 13 Feb 12 @paulocoelho Yes, strange, without any doubt! Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 13 Feb 12 @Quotes4Writers @flavorpill A good collection. Painting, “Kiss”, Francesco Hayez, 19th century. Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 12 Feb 12 10 of the Greatest Kisses in Literature: … (via @flavorpill) #ValentinesDay Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 13 Feb 12 @Quotes4Writers @ParisReview Literature and the interview, both include much more than beautiful lies. Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 12 Feb 12 “Literature…producing beautiful lies that tell more truth than any assemblage of facts.” J Barnes (via @ParisReview) Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Feb 12 @AdviceToWriters A good summary of paradoxes of writing and life. Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 9 Feb 12 “To create, a person must have knowledge but forget the knowledge…” #writing #writetip Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Feb 12 @alaindebotton Men are normally looking for women to dominate them. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 10 Feb 12 @alaindebotton If one feels unsuccessful, there may be no motivation left to be successful. Alain de Botton @alaindebotton, 9 Feb 12 If one felt successful, there’d be so little incentive to be successful. Penguin Books UK @PenguinUKBooks, 9 Feb 12 Is Isaac Newton really the father of optics? Or did he stand on the shoulders of giants of Islamic science? Read more: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Feb 12 @PenguinUKBooks No one on this earth took a step up without putting his foot on a base prepared by others. Neither Newton nor Archimedes. Elizabeth S Craig @elizabethscraig, 5 Feb 12 The best #writing advice you’ll never get: @ejcop for @junglereds Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 Feb 12 @elizabethscraig @ejcop @junglereds Do we need advice to be ourselves? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 Feb 12 @JaneFriedman I noticed your note Being Human at Electric Speed, remembered Thinking at Light Speed. I think being human is more difficult. Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 8 Feb 12 Please don’t blog your book (4 reasons why): [my latest post] Stephanie Pina @beguilingmerlin, 8 Feb 12 I’ve just read the most unique book: The Thorn and the Blossom, written by the equally lovely @theodoragoss … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 Feb 12 @RachelleGardner It may be true, but as the number of queries increase, it becomes impossible for new writers to find and agent/publisher. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 Feb 12 @Melanie_McC Get well soon. Anyway, it would not recover sooner after a skiing or hiking accident. Alfred A. Knopf @AAKnopf, 6 Feb 12 Portrait of the Writer: Richard Mason @ShelfAwareness @richardmason78 Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Feb 12 @alaindebotton …or find brief, new and higher ways to detail ordinary feelings and lives… Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Feb 12 @parisreview Melnick with a scientific camera to film portraits of New York City subway riders in slow motion, and Murch as an astronomer. The Paris Review @parisreview, 7 Feb 12 ‘Film is the one art form that can effectively use silence.’ Walter Murch on the movies and more: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Feb 12 @AuthorAnswers Awards for themes and values found in John Steinbeck: natural environment, common people, contrasts of poor against powerful Margo Candela @AuthorAnswers, 7 Feb 12 Rachel Maddow Wins John Steinbeck Award, Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Feb 12 @ErikaRobuck Like delivering your beloved child to the arms of life? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 6 Feb 12 @alaindebotton Corollary: An answer is meaningful when we have a question. Alfred A. Knopf @AAKnopf, 6 Feb 12 RT @wwnorton Paper books may be the only media remaining that don’t report your behavior back to anonymous aggregators. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 6 Feb 12 @jasonpinter “Best seller author replicated unknown writer’s work!” has news value. Does “sold 1.5M” have? Or is it the dog biting the man? Alfred A. Knopf @AAKnopf, 3 Feb 12 Are you following us on @tumblr? @The_Millions referred to our account as “the intersection of books and borzoi”: Meredith Barnes @mer_barnes, 1 Feb 12 WATCH: @TheMariaParadox author Dr Rosa Gil discuss the alarming rate of #latina #suicide Please share! City Lights Books @CityLightsBooks, 1 Feb 12 Joanne Griffith’s (@globaljourno) “Redefining Black Power” … is out in Los Angeles at EsoWon Books !! Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 1 Feb 12 One author hunts for his epigraph, “the mysterious but meaningful quotation in every great book.” (via @parisreview)


Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 30 Jan 12 Wanna thank my parents for raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate with my looks & abilities. —Tina Fey, Writer (Emmy speech) 40k @40kBooks, 30 Jan 12 #Publishing: @doctorow: “DRM, ‘social DRM,’ and the madness of publishers ” 40k @40kBooks, 30 Jan 12 #FromThePast: 40K Books: 99-Cent Essays by Million-Dollar Authors Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 31 Jan 12 3 numbers that matter to your platform: [my latest post] Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 31 Jan 12 @JaneFriedman Communication is good, but is all going to a sole marketing world? A desperate competition behind visible facts and figures? Jim Brown @JimBrownBooks, 25 Jan 12 If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion 🙂 #fb Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 26 Jan 12 @JimBrownBooks Probably they wouldn’t but who would? Historians, writers, technicians, politicians? At least they know there is no solution. Open Culture @openculture, 26 Jan 12 Theo Angelopoulos, the Greek filmmaker, has died in Athens. Revisit his career in video clips: Carly Watters @carlywatters, 8 Aug 11 11 Literary Friendships We Can Learn From Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Jan 12 @SterlingBooks @HuffingtonPost Can this be a puzzle when mixed? Is an addiction required to be an author or famous? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Jan 12 @SterlingBooks @HuffingtonPost Hemingway, Dickens, Burroughs, Joyce, Rand, Dostoevsky, Verlaine, Browning, Byron, Balzac. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Jan 12 @SterlingBooks @HuffingtonPost Coffee, Sex, Opium, Absinthe, Gambling, Amphetamines, Flatulence, Heroin, The morgue, and Alcohol. Sterling Publishing @SterlingBooks, 23 Jan 12 Shocking! 10 Famous Authors’ Famous Addictions via @HuffingtonPost Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Jan 12 @alaindebotton @MediaComGlobal When approved by the writer: Very good. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Jan 12 @JSCarroll Not being noticed, being remembered, but how to be remembered? Jonathan Carroll @JSCarroll, 22 Jan 12 “Elegance doesn’t mean being noticed, it means being remembered” — Giorgio Armani goodreads @goodreads, 16 Jan 12 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love …” #quoteoftheday Arts & Letters Daily @aldaily, 18 Jan 12 Ray Bradbury: “I don’t want to be accepted by certain intellectuals. If Mailer likes me, I’ll kill myself.” Women Writers @WomenWriters, 18 Jan 12 Are you forgetting geography in cyberspace? Even if you are international in appeal, the places you’re from and have lived have shaped you. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 19 Jan 12 @alaindebotton A training can be possible and successful for a 747 or a space shuttle. I don’t think it can be for marriage. Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 19 Jan 12 “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) Novelist, Playwright Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 19 Jan 12 @paulocoelho Good suggestion. But who is the one who will live what others dream? Why should he or she go after others? Open Culture @openculture, 17 Jan 12 The Solar System Set to Music: A Near-Perpetual Homage to Bach. New York Times Books @nytimesbooks, 16 Jan 12 Louise J. Kaplan, Psychoanalyst and Author, Dies at 82 Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 17 Jan 12 @40kBooks “Overshare is an exclusively digital release. When the reader turns to the first page, finds what looks like a Facebook page” 40k @40kBooks16 Jan 12 #amWriting: The Challenges of New, Digital Lit NPR Books @nprbooks, 17 Jan 12 ‘Revolution 2.0’: Social Media’s Role In Removing Mubarak From Power Jody Hedlund @JodyHedlund, 11 Jan 12 6 Reasons to Write Flawed Characters (via @LyndaRYoung) Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 11 Jan 12 @Quotes4Writers I wonder if having something to say or just the opposite sells more. Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 10 Jan 12 “I can teach you how to write a better sentence… But I can’t teach you how to have something to say.” Ann Patchett Open Culture @openculture, 10 Jan 12 “Being Dead While You’re Alive — That’s Real Death” — Henry Miller & Anaïs Nin on Death and Dreams. Open Culture @openculture, 8 Jan 12 Poems as Short Films: Langston Hughes, Pablo Neruda, Rumi and More: Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho, 1 Jan 12 To tweet is to put an ocean in a glass of water…

The following are the tweetures of 2011, latest the first.


The Guardian @guardian, 28 Dec 11 Photographs of the year 2011: From the Vancouver kissing couple to #Jan25 in #Tahrir Square Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 28 Dec 11 50 Iconic Writers Who Were Repeatedly Rejected: (via @AdviceToWriters) Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 28 Dec 11 “If you would be a writer, first be a reader. Only through the assimilation of ideas can one begin to focus on his own ideas.” Allan Eckert Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 27 Dec 11 Novel “Today is Tonight” written 1934 by actress Jean Harlow (1911-1937) but only published in 1965 #OddLiteraryFact Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Dec 11 @valerieparv For now! Valerie Parv @valerieparv, 25 Dec 11 “No one can read a book that’s in your head!” Anita Heiss #quotes4writers #amwriting Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 23 Dec 11 “Like many other novelists, I tend to do the exact opposite of what I am told.” Haruki Murakami Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 25 Dec 11 “Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.” Sholem Asch Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 23 Dec 11 … All Quiet On The Western Front. Such books require more than great talent,they are written at the risk of one’s life. The Millions @The_Millions, 23 Dec 11 RT @GalleyCat: A Year in Reading over at @The_Millions; book recommendations from LOTS of great authors: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Dec 11 Stones, sharp and clear to survive forever… Human, blurry and helpless to leave the world any time… … Open Culture @openculture, 21 Dec 11 Steve Martin Writes Song for Hymn-Deprived Atheists: And Accepts Mark Twain Prize: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Dec 11 “Intelligence²’s live stream offers a fantastic interactive alternative to the experience at the venue.” Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 20 Dec 11 Instead of announcing what you are about to tell is interesting, make it so. WILLIAM STRUNK, JR. #amwriting #writing #writetip The Guardian @guardian, 21 Dec 11 Scientists to study psychological benefits of birdsong Open Culture @openculture, 13 Dec 11 The 25 Most Beautiful College Libraries in the World – Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 10 Dec 11 Always write with the ear, not the eye. You should hear every sentence you write as if it was being read aloud or spoken. C. S. LEWIS Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 10 Dec 11 Nouns and verbs are the guts of the language. Beware of covering up with adjectives and adverbs. A.E. GUTHRIE, JR. #writing #writetip New York Times Books @nytimesbooks, 11 Dec 11 Books of The Times: ‘The Stranger’s Child’ by Alan Hollinghurst – Review Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 11 Dec 11 Classic Short Stories: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 12 Dec 11 @alaindebotton Being happy during the whole process of achieving a challenge. It can be difficult to find, but meaningful. Alain de Botton @alaindebotton, 1 2 Dec 11 Happiness is really just the 15 minutes after you’ve completed one challenge – and before you’ve identified a new one. The Guardian @guardian, 9 Dec 11 If you could go back to the 1970s what would you do? Neil Clark writes for @commentisfree on stopping neoliberalism Arts & Letters Daily @aldaily, 9 Dec 11 Joseph Epstein is a gossip hound. When done right, the exchange of titillating stories can rise to the level of art. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 Dec 11 Rivera’s “link to the universal order by analogy with earlier societies such as that of Aztecs” … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 Dec 11 Google’s daily doodles, are they the same everywhere, or are they country specific for different locations? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 Dec 11 Today’s Google doodle: 125th birth day of Diego Rivera. I really like these daily surprises. 40k @40kBooks, 7 Dec 11 #Reading: 100 Notable Books of 2011 Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho7 Dec 11 Sunshine all the time makes a desert. Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 7 Dec 11 “Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.” Richard Bach Arts & Letters Daily @aldaily, 7 Dec 11 The Paris Commune of 1871 ended in bloodshed. Indeed, occupy movements tend to self-destruct. 40k @40kBooks, 7 Dec 11 #SciFi: Your Marriage of the Future: Seven Science Fiction Ideas about Relationships and Sex that Might Come True Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 7 Dec 11 These quotes should go together: “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” Plath & “Self-trust is the first secret of success.” Emerson IFOA @ifoa, 7 Dec 11 @guardian’s 1000 novels everyone must read How many have you managed to finish? I think I’m at less than 100. Eek. #fb Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 7 Dec 11 There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it. EDITH WHARTON #amwriting #writing #writetip Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 5 Dec 11 “Through words I could experience my own life with more reality than ordinary living.” John McGahern … Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 6 Dec 11 How to Live » Other Press … NY Review of Books @nybooks, 3 Dec 11 Yasmine El Rashidi on Egypt’s parliamentary elections #egyelections Open Culture @openculture, 4 Dec 11 RT @TheEconomist: A new film takes a searching look at what caused the split between Freud and Jung Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 4 Dec 11 I am neither a man nor a woman but an author. CHARLOTTE BRONTË #writing Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 4 Dec 11 “Basically, fiction is people. You can’t write fiction about ideas.” Theodore Sturgeon (1918-1985) Science Fiction Author Open Culture @openculture, 5 Dec 11 The Psychology of Nakedness. Intriguing research broken down by Jonah Lehrer: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 2 Dec 11 Check out my shelves on Goodreads: Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 1 Dec 11 Only bad writers think that their work is really good. ANNE ENRIGHT #amwriting #writing #writetip Arts & Letters Daily @aldaily, 1 Dec 11 Baghdad was the intellectual center of the early medieval world. Then free inquiry faded in Muslim countries. Why? Writer’s Digest @WritersDigest, 1 Dec 11 “Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.” -Aldous Huxley Writer’s Digest @WritersDigest, 1 Dec 11 7 Must-Read Quotes About Writing – The Paris Review @parisreview, 1 Dec 11 “I keep my friends in a box.” Enigmatic illustrations and stories–420 characters each–by Lou Beach.


Open Culture @openculture, 29 Nov 11 The Physics Book: An Illustrated Chronology of How We Understand the Universe. Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 30 Nov 11 The one great rule of composition is to speak the truth. HENRY DAVID THOREAU #amwriting #writing #writetip Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 30 Nov 11 The No. 1 Overlooked Skill for Every Author: [my post for Writer Unboxed] Sterling Publishing @SterlingBooks, 26 Nov 11 10 Lost Novels the World Found Again … via @flavorpill #LostAndFound Open Culture @openculture, 27 Nov 11 The First Covers of 20 Classic Novels: Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 27 Nov 11 The Guardian’s Books of the Year, 2011: #books #literature #reading Open Culture @openculture, 23 Nov 11 Mathematics in Movies: Harvard Professor Curates 150+ Scenes. Watch online or download: Erika Robuck @ErikaRobuck, 23 Nov 11 “He wrote on the walls.” @HemingwayLetter ‘s visit to Hemingway’s home in Cuba. @CambridgeUP_NY The Guardian @guardian, 23 Nov 11 Annie Leibovitz’s best shot: “As I walked into Georgia O’Keeffe’s studio, I started to cry.” Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 23 Nov 11 If you’re going to tell people the truth, be funny or they’ll kill you. BILLY WILDER #amwriting #writing #writetip Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 24 Nov 11 Justin Taylor mentions “…something like a trend of Poet’s Novels.” in “The Triumph of the Possible” Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 23 Nov 11 George Orwell’s Five Rules for Effective Writing (“These rules are easy to memorize but difficult to apply.”) Arts & Letters Daily @aldaily, 18 Nov 11 Gloria Steinem wants you to know that she has never gotten by on her appearance. “Who wants to be feminine?” miss mixtape @miss_mixtape, 15 Nov 11 Trends in Publishing: 15 People You Should Follow (and Why) Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 15 Nov 11 “Most editors are failed writers – but so are most writers.” T S Eliot NPR Books @nprbooks, 16 Nov 11 ‘Micro’: Michael Crichton’s Last Is Larger Than Life Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 3 Nov 11 25 Famous Thinkers and their Daily Rituals: … Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 3 Nov 11 “Ask yourself four questions…” #amwriting #writing #writetip #Nanowrimo ? Fabio Malagnini @drstupid, 4 Nov 11 Four things between a short story and a novel Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 3 Nov 11 “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso NPR Books @nprbooks, 3 Nov 11 A Critic To Remember: Pauline Kael At The ‘Movies’ NY Review of Books @nybooks, 3 Nov 11 Why creative writing is better with a pen @LeeRourke @GuardianBooks Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 3 Nov 11 “If there is a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” Toni Morrison The Guardian @guardian, 3 Nov 11 How Alice in Wonderland has inspired a generation of artists – gallery Alfred A. Knopf @AAKnopf, 3 Nov 11 Joan Didion sits down with CBS News to discuss the emotional journey she took while writing “Blue Nights” 40k @40kBooks, 2 Nov 11 #amWriting: Romanticism and Fantasy | @SFSignal The Guardian @guardian, 2 Nov 11 What it’s like to be young + looking for work in Britain? @guardian hears from 10 young people Arts & Letters Daily @aldaily, 2 Nov 11 Groucho Marx and T.S. Eliot shared a friendship and a compulsion: extreme frankness.


Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 31 Oct 11 “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” Stephen King The Paris Review @parisreview, 31 Oct 11 Is Justin Timberlake reading Marx? In Time brings the labor theory of value to the big screen: The Paris Review @parisreview, 31 Oct 11 Storytellers use a reader’s leisure time in such a way that the reader will not feel his time has been wasted. – Kurt Vonnegut Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 31 Oct 11 How to Read like a Writer: Analyse: (1) Story (2) Structure (3) Style (For a more detailed explanation: ) 40k @40kBooks, 30 Oct 11 #ShortIsMore: The short longs of the fiction world 40k @40kBooks, 30 Oct 11 #Digital: Are new technologies making us happier? Margo Candela @AuthorAnswers, 24 Oct 11 ‘Deadly Monopolies’? Patenting The Human Body Open Culture @openculture, 24 Oct 11 All Nothing: Poetic 1978 Animated Allegory about Mankind’s Greed. Open Culture @openculture, 24 Oct 11 The Decline of Civilization’s Right Brain: The Latest Animated Video from RSA – Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 24 Oct 11 25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer: (via @the99percent) Open Culture @openculture, 24 Oct 11 Philosophers Speak: In the 1st of a video series, Raymond Geuss on how we view history & our world cc @philosophybites 40k @40kBooks, 24 Oct 11 #Publishing: Book as process, book as byproduct, book as conversation Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 23 Oct 11 “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” Paul Valery (1871-1945) Essayist, Poet, Critic The Guardian @guardian, 24 Oct 11 Crowded planet: What was the world’s population when you were born? Find out with our interactive Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 19 Oct 11 A Good Style Comes From Lack of Pretentiousness: #amwriting #writing #writetip #NaNoWriMo ? Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 20 Oct 11 @AdviceToWriters Communities hardly accepting introverts easily accept writers when they are famous enough, not before! Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 20 Oct 11 Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. E.L. DOCTOROW #amwriting #writing #writetip #NaNoWriMo ? Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 18 Oct 11 The best style is the style you don’t notice. SOMERSET MAUGHAM #amwriting #writing #writetip #NaNoWriMo ? Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 13 Oct 11 100 Best LAST Lines from Novels:


Penguin Books USA @penguinusa, 28 Sep 11 You are what you read when you’re growing up. @stellduffy on the books that made her a writer today Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 27 Sep 11 “A critic can only review the book he has read, not the one which the writer wrote.” Mignon McLaughlin Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 27 Sep 11 “One of the things that draws writers to writing is that they can get things right that they got wrong in real life.” Tobias Wolff Jim Brown @JimBrownBooks, 28 Sep 11 Writing can be very lonely but there are so many characters trying to get into my novel that I sometimes feel like I’m in a crowd #fb Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 27 Sep 11 People have forgotten how to tell a story. Here’s a reminder of what a story is: The Paris Review @parisreview, 27 Sep 11 Innocent human beings get killed—that was my earliest lesson. – Charles Simic Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Sep 11 Simic: They said, “War is over,” and apparently I looked at them puzzled and said, “Now there won’t be any more fun!” … christinerose @christinerose, 26 Sep 11 #blog “I’m A Writer” – guest post by @maxwellcynn Melanie McCullough @Melanie_McC, 26 Sep 11 I like people that still carry pictures in their wallet instead of showing me pics in their phone. Writer’s Digest @WritersDigest, 26 Sep 11 Awesome. Statues of famous authors from all over the world: New York Times Books @nytimesbooks, 22 Sep 11 A. Richard Turner Dies at 79; Wrote ‘Inventing Leonardo’ Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 20 Sep 11 After “All my tomorrows start today” tweet of Coelho, I started comparing it with “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 20 Sep 11 @KristenLambTX Thank you for sharing. Kristen Lamb @KristenLambTX, 9 Sep 11 Check out my shelves on Goodreads: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Sep 11 Check out my shelves on Goodreads: Erika Robuck @ErikaRobuck, 9 Sep 11 Writers, read this beautiful interview with Toni Morrison on writing: (via @TheOprahShow) Open Culture @openculture, 9 Sep 11 RT @HuffPostBooks: Read J.D. Salinger’s words before they disappear Letter here: The Guardian @guardian, 8 Sep 11 “I was the most hated man in America” – Michael Moore with an exclusive extract from his new book Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Sep 11 @sixteenthCgirl Neither the first nor the last disappointment of this kind, probably. Thanks for the information. Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 7 Sep 11 @JimBrownBooks Our brains have not yet adopted to computer age. We need a wide, solid, markable paper to keep our attention.


Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Aug 11 Searching hints to understand the infinite world of e-words, I suddenly had a fear: Are we losing the quiet tranquility of literature?


Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 26 Jul 11 Where are the books I read as a child? I missed them. Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 26 Jul 11 You can be an author or a reader here:


Open Culture @openculture, 26 Jun 11 The creepy Nathaniel Hawthorne story Edgar Allan Poe loved: .Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 27 Jun 11 “Can’t understand why a person will take a year to write a novel when he can easily buy 1 for a few dollars.” FredAllen (1894-1956) Comedian Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 27 Jun 11 Review: Mr. Brooks’s Miracle Elixir | The National Interest: via @AddThis Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Jun 11 RT @aliventures: 7 Habits of Serious Writers Open Culture @openculture20 Jun 11 Google Books will scan 250,000 texts from The British Library, between 1700 and 1870: Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 21 Jun 11 “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell (1904 –1987) Mythologist, Writer, Lecturer Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 21 Jun 11 @PraiseAndCoffee OK, I did. 9610 and 4526 for you. But what is the point? Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 16 Jun 11 “Originality is undetected plagiarism.” William Ralph Inge (1860 – 1954) Author (via @Quotes4Writers) Retweets for Writers @Retweets4Writer, 16 Jun 11 “Be obscure clearly.” E B White (1899 -1985) Author Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 15 Jun 11 100 Best First Lines of Novels: #fiction #literature #novel #writing NY Review of Books @nybooks, 15 Jun 11 Does the global literary market now impose an “agreed order for saying things”? Tim Parks on English and the vernacular Rachelle Gardner @RachelleGardner, 16 Jun 11 Tell me a six-word story! (Since I have no blog post today.) Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 16 Jun 11 @RachelleGardner Your six words changed my life. The Paris Review @parisreview, 16 Jun 11 A good list of literary Twitter feeds worth following: Jody Hedlund @JodyHedlund, 9 Jun 11 Great explanation of why NOT to use exclamation points (and other devices) in our books: (via @RachelleGardner) Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 9 Jun 11 Did you play today the Google logo inspired by the guitar developed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? – … Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho, 8 Jun 11 All my tomorrows start today Jane Friedman @JaneFriedman, 8 Jun 11 The book that changed my life, from a high school lit class on “The Shadow Self”: Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 8 Jun 11 Mind Control & the Internet by Sue Halpern | The New York Review of Books: via @AddThis Matt Helms @MattHelms, 8 Jun 11 Superby insightful piece (long) from the New York Review about perils of Web filters, human-tech integration @nybooks


Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho, 2 May 11 Considering the way the world is, one happy day is almost a miracle Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters, 2 May 11 Four basic premises of writing: clarity, brevity, simplicity, and humanity. WILLIAM ZINSSER #amwriting #writing #writetip Carol Wiley @CarolWiley2, May 11 RT @AdviceToWriters Four basic premises of writing: clarity, brevity, simplicity, and humanity. – WILLIAM ZINSSER


Writer’s Digest @WritersDigest, 22 Apr 11 The Big Lesson I Learned This Year As a Professor – It’s all about structure! In my guest post this month for Write… Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 22 Apr 11 Bonnie Neubauer – Write-Brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer,0 … via @AddThis


Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000, 31 Mar 11 @paulocoelho Where? Here they say one laughing by himself is called crazy!  

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