Unwritten Stories Behind Tweetures

Unwritten Stories Behind Tweetures

My first tweet was a reply to Paulo Coelho. I had just read “The Alchemist”. It was therefore interesting to see his name on my screen. I already knew that the world was now in a new era of global communication. However, seeing direct responses from different people in all parts of the world were providing a further depth to understand this simple fact.

The above paragraph is from last year’s my tweetures. I just read an interview on Paulo Coelho’s new book, “Adultery”.

This year’s tweetures are shorter, they can be considered like very short face stories reminding some interactions lost in the sea of tweets.

I know technical specialists are working continuously on finding better ways to store, organize, process, access, and get use from data. But complex nature of human mind is preventing us from sailing on a still sea of ideas and thoughts. We always have storms in and between us.

We have a giant tool there, containing the answers for almost everything we want to know and help us in our ways.

But the tool is not standard for all people, for all questions and answers. Individual and different answers exist for each seeker, each question, and each volunteer stepping forward to help. A very complex organism of thoughts and ideas, acts and facts, rises and falls, hope and despair.

I wish tweetures could have written at least several stories on the power of communication.


The following are some of the tweetures.



Porter Anderson
Journalist in Publishing | Associate Editor @TheFutureBook | #PorterMeets @TheBookseller | Writing on the Ether @ThoughtCatalog | Fmr: CNN, Village Voice, UN


Porter Anderson @Porter_Anderson 1 Jun 2013

“Slang changes. It can date your book. You can’t predict how it will evolve.” @NathanBransford http://ow.ly/lCfUR #amwriting #BEA13

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000 10 Jun 2013
@Porter_Anderson @NathanBransford Dialogues are difficult.Slang even more.Trapped between spoken and written,today&future.#amwriting

Porter Anderson @Porter_Anderson 10 Jun 2013
@mehmetarat2000 Many good guides out there on dialogue writing, though. Keep at it. Bests with your work. @NathanBransford

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000 11 Jun 2013
@Porter_Anderson @NathanBransford Dialogue should be true for novel as Nathan says, and strong to keep story alive in time. #amwriting

Porter Anderson @Porter_Anderson 11 Jun 2013
@mehmetarat2000 Very well put (by you and by @NathanBransford), indeed.

Porter Anderson @Porter_Anderson 16 Jul 2013
#Literary #authors “are, arguably, the least cloistered of all writers.” @agnieszkasshoes responds to the #Ether: http://ow.ly/n0mXc

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000 16 Jul 2013
@Porter_Anderson @agnieszkasshoes Cloister now contains millions. Writers, readers, and more. #ether #Writing #AmWriting

Porter Anderson @Porter_Anderson 16 Jul 2013
@mehmetarat2000 We’ll add on a wing. 🙂 @agnieszkasshoes



Arleen Alleman
Former GAO senior analyst, biology, health/fitness, past jewelry design and fashion model, shop owner. Now author and speaker with 4 novels and writing.

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000 Nov 26
@aallemanwrites @ALALibrary @tiki_toki No, no book should ever be banned. Where will it end? http://wp.me/p27ATx-23 via @wordpressdotcom

2:21 PM – 26 Nov 2013 · Details Flag media
Arleen Alleman @aallemanwrites Nov 27
@mehmetarat2000 @ALALibrary @tiki_toki @wordpressdotcom Absolutely! Nor should free thinking be discouraged or punished.

Arleen Alleman @aallemanwrites 28 May 2013
Quotes by Darcy Farthing. Where is she coming from? Where is she going? http://www.arleenalleman.com/currents-deep-and-deadly/ … #fiction

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000 28 May 2013
@aallemanwrites Hi Arleen. Thanks for quotes. They can tell both nothing and everything. Can they tell how to manage “trillions of events”?

Arleen Alleman @aallemanwrites 28 May 2013
@mehmetarat2000 Fortunately, we all have only to manage our own events, do our best, and hope others do the same.
9:41 AM – 28 May 2013 · Details



Michael Orthofer
M.A.Orthofer = the Complete Review + the Literary Saloon

Michael Orthofer @MAOrthofer Nov 26
New review: Yoko Tawada’s Portrait of a Tongue: An Experimental Translation by Chantal Wright http://bit.ly/1crhNF5

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000 Nov 26
@MAOrthofer “readers concerned with questions of language(s)” All humans should be so, specially if they are not understood.

Michael Orthofer @MAOrthofer Nov 26
@mehmetarat2000 *should be*, yes — but too often not the case (especially in monolingual-tending US)
1:53 PM – 26 Nov 2013 · Details



Ali Luke
I’m a writer, and have two books out: Publishing E-Books For Dummies and Lycopolis. I run Writers’ Huddle, a community / teaching site –
http://www.writershuddle.com .

Ali Luke @aliventures 4 Jul 2013
@mehmetarat2000 True, though I think it’s not just a modern problemn! (great xkcd comic here — http://xkcd.com/1227/ )

Ali Luke @aliventures 18 Jun 2013
@mehmetarat2000 Not sure how often I’d want to do that, personally, but fair point..!

Ali Luke @aliventures 18 Jun 2013
“The only rule I have found to have any validity in writing is not to bore yourself.” – John Mortimer #writing

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000 18 Jun 2013
@aliventures In some cases,boring yourself maybe useful to bore others too,if this is what one wants to do. #writing #amwriting

Ali Luke
@mehmetarat2000 Not sure how often I’d want to do that, personally, but fair point..!



Alex Myers
I do Radio and Writing. Time Change Book 1 is only 99¢ @Amazon http://bit.ly/alexbook1 #writing

Alex Myers favorited your Tweet
13 Feb 2013: @Alex_Austin Ink? For now yes, but in the future it may be difficult to find “ink” without prefix “e-“. Thoughts will survive

Alex Myers favorited your Tweets
17 Jun 2013: @Alex_Austin Any permanent section of the volatile words flowing in mind can potentially be valuable. #writing #amwriting

Alex Myers favorited your Tweet
Dec 26: @Alex_Austin Alternatives of “not being distracted” part can be found, I don’t think talent can exceed 5 %.



Tara Avis
PhD in Creative Writing. Tree loving,river gazing existentialist treasure seeker with a poetic compass.

Tara Avis @RaravisHq Sep 10
@mehmetarat2000 Thank you M. Much love, gratitude. T
2:40 PM – 10 Sep 2013 · Details

Mehmet Arat @mehmetarat2000 Sep 12
@RaravisHq @wordpressdotcom It was a pleasure to work on that. Thanks a lot.

Tara Avis @RaravisHq Sep 13
@mehmetarat2000 @wordpressdotcom You’re v welcome M. The feeling is absolutely mutual.



Metered thoughts, quotes from whatever I’m reading and the odd poem.

@RaravisHq @sisika_ @HudsonPhilipd @opheliasings @dogfish9 @alainguillemain @mehmetarat2000 @mrsdarkly I’m touched x

10:22 AM – 27 Sep 2013



Author & Advocate ¦ Social entrepreneur ¦ My Books: http://bit.ly/OG7aHh ¦ @wintergoosepub & @hallwayproject ¦ Love #Poetry

Butterfly @jesskristie Nov 26
@mehmetarat2000 Thanks my friend for including me 🙂
5:49 PM – 26 Nov 2013



Erika Robuck
2015) East Coast · erikarobuck.com

Erika Robuck retweeted you
31 Dec 2012: @ErikaRobuck I wish a happy and prosperous new year! Let fairies of inspiration be with you.in 2013.


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