Let me think. How I Wrote 2000+X?

If I should tell you in the beginning what I will tell at the end, I should simply say this: “It was not easy!”


The creation period of 2000+X started in 1998, when I first heard on TV that Spice Girls were selected as the music group of the last five centuries. I have no record to give a reference for this, so the information may not be precise. Was it a thousand years, five centuries or a hundred years? Was it Spice Girls or another group? No, I should not doubt this, I am almost sure that it was Spice Girls. I remember I thought “Who can decide on such a selection, how?”


The previous milestone can be the moment when I thought “I will be fourty two years old in the year 2000.” I don’t remember when exactly it was, but it was obviously much earlier than 1998. It can even be when I was listening to the song “In the year twenty five twenty five” near 1970. I was sure that I will not witness the year 2525, but I should have considered 2000 as a computable and expectable target.


There may be many other milestones but the third and last one I want to mention is the day when I wrote “Overthrown Train”. It was in 1964, soon after I started the elementary school and I learned writing, I was probably not able to read my own story at that time since I had not learned reading yet. I was very happy for being able to write stories like the ones I had been told previously. I don’t have an original copy of this story which was about a train crash, but I re-wrote it as I remembered, fifty years after it was first written.

Anyway, although I don’t remember when exactly the image of year 2000 appeared in my mind, there was one thing I knew since the beginning of the last several decades before the millenium: I had born some time before the year 2000, and I would probably die some time after the year 2000.

When I heard the news about Spice Girls, the questions started flooding in my mind. “Can there be a musician representing all musicians and every tune they create?” Many questions then followed about other professions. Could there be a a scientist, a worker, a doctor, an engineer, a politician, a soldier, a writer, an artist, someone from any profession having a major, critical, key effect?

The world were too busy with 2K disaster scenarios at that time, even I personally was trying to find economical solutions for operating our software after 2000.

I tried to choose limited number of resources. I started reading first, and after a long time, I started walking in the world of 2000, since X was not included at the beginning.

My sleepless nights at the weekends began. I was too busy during the week days. It took much longer time than I could expect. I was hoping to complete the work to have it published in 2000 at the first months.

After several years, I started asking “Will I ever be able solve this long and complex puzzle?” I think I was lucky. Invisible, hidden, external and internal forces helped me. One day I was able to write the last sentence, put the final full stop, and note the date and time.

Obviously, it was just another beginning. I have not been able to decide how many times it is harder to get your first work published as an unpublished writer, than writing it. I just tried to be patient.

Finally, I met my publisher who convinced me that it may be the correct time to publish the book.


So “2000+X” was published in September, 2016, in Kangaroo Press. “X=16” for “2000+X”.

I am not more optimistic after these sixteen years. But I am trying also not to be pessimistic. I am trying to believe that the below “Short History of the World” will never be written in real world:

“They built the pyramides, the towers rising up to the clouds, they built flying vehicles opening holes to far galaxies and to the limits of the universe. They discovered the power of power. They used their new toys as unresponsible children of nature. This, was the end of history.”

This is all I can tell for now. I know billions of people are still trying to estimate some X values for the questions in their minds. Me? I am also hoping to find sufficient time to complete my search after hidden answers.

Mehmet Arat, 2000+X “Uzun Bir Arayisin Kisa Oykusu”, Kanguru Yayinlari, Eylul 2016, www.kanguruyayinlari.com

(2000+X, “Short Story of a Long Seek”, Publisher: Kangaroo Press, September 2016)


About Mehmet Arat

Trying to combine the past and present for a "Literature for Future".

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