Although months had passed, Met could not have found even a subtle trace for his past.

He didn’t know when he understood that this could not be normal after a long gap.

Indeed, he was very tranquil. Neither an anger, a fear, and a tension for not reaching a goal; nor an excitement, and a relax of success; he had no trace of any feeling in his memory.

He was just sensing the existence of an aspect out of order.

He looked at the woman next to him. The woman telling that they had been loving eachother madly, the woman grieving as Met cannot remember her by any means.

She had a well-shaped body, and eyes with a meaningful depth. Although she was not very pretty, she seemed incredibly fit and in peace with herself. They had become exhausted and lied in bed after an attempt continued for hours. They had toured every corner of the house together, and tried to find an object, a light, a color, an odor which could create a new association in Met’s mind and make him see his memories.

When the result had come to be negative again, they had left their bodies to the bed to have some rest.

Merilia had soon started to pay attention to Met. She had been doing this for months. She was expecting a new trial to remind him the hot hours they had lived in the past. For several times, a progress had seemed to occur. But after all of those short moments, her spouse had fallen back inside to the gap in his mind. “Maybe you should leave me now,” he had said. “I may never be as before. I can stay as nothing, and die as such. You should be separated from me, and go after your own life.”

In spite of these words, the woman were not able to go. Yes, she loved him. But this was not the only reason. She didn’t want to be the one leaving the route they started together, at the first trouble they met.

After watching the hopeless traces on the woman’s face for a while, Met tried to force the past again. If also the small pieces he remembered did not exist at all, he could have given up much before. His most significant memory left from the past was an air train coming towards him. He was crossing at the stoplight. He had walked when he saw green. But he had to stop, and wait for violet to cross. If a woman had not saved him at the last moment, all his troubles would have disappeared at that moment.

Suddenly, a piece of light flickered, a scene appeared in front of his eyes. An advertisement was proposing him an update to the new time tunnel. Colors, figures in large and small sizes were turning on and off on the screen, flying around, bringing in front of him his mother, his father, his babyhood, his siblings, his school, the day he started his first job, the moment he first met the woman he loved, their first trip together, almost all his life, nearly.

Another trace appeared in his mind. It was likely a news report he read, but it had made a big impact on him. It was telling that using search engines would weaken the memory. Such a result would not be a surprise at all. An organ atrophies when not used. Knowledge not searched is forgotten.

It was very nice to watch his memories live on screen, share all with Merilia. From now on, his past was in front of him all the time. He was able to live all details again at the moment he desired. There were such several moments that he felt as if he was born again, each time he watched them. The new time tunnel was really incredible, it was magnificent.

But then what had happened?

Met squinted, clenched his fists. Whatever he tries, the following was not coming. The beginning had diminished also. All his memories had been lost. His blank stare became locked on the ceiling again. His face took the meaninglessness of a sculpture.

Turning towards him, Merilia hugged the man she loved madly and gave value at least as she gave on the first day. It was a huge sorrow seeing him so in this age. She was now able to understand perfectly, what the relatives of people loosing their functions due to brain troubles had been feeling ages ago. Met did not have a physical problem, but he was living the same what they had been living once. He had loaded his memories to storage and reanimation center to increase the power of his memory. Liveliness of the screen content had erased completely in a short while, what he had in his mind.

A communication error in this age was a consequence that could never cross any mind. Therefore, neither the experts nor the users had a plan B. Met was now alone with his lost memories.

Merilia kissed her spouse.

“Darling, why did you act such too fast for upgrading to Memories V20.12?” she whispered.

About Mehmet Arat

Trying to combine the past and present for a "Literature for Future".

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