Mehmet Arat is an engineer born in 1958. While working at a technical field, he also focused on culture and literature. He wrote essays and stories. He combined what he lived and what he read with the experience he gained so far in his work ’2000+X, Short Story of a Long Seek’, a very long essay with hidden stories, or an epilogue and first book of a series of novels. Together with his efforts to improve his previous works, he is also travelling to new stories. He describes his adventure “sequence of stories” as: “I wanted to write a novel from the stories. Each of them was born with its own clarity and meaning. Then, they came to the relevant sections and found a place themselves.” @mehmetarat2000



An Adventure of Two Thousand Years


Short Story of a Long Seek

There was a very little time left before the end of year 2000. With an unexpected coincidence, a man who had never succeeded to put his life in order started walking after a hopeless seek. Being lost in a period starting from the Roman nights of early centuries to the space age of the twentieth century, he tried to find a light even small. With the hardness of finding that light, he added an unknown, X, to the two thousand years. He tried to survive between the weak shadows of the old friends and the beautiful eyes he met newly.



From Fire and Steel to Beautiful Secretaries


(A Sequence of Stories)

One of the women feeling the pressure of her ex-spouse. A sequence of stories starting from fire and steel which had allowed creation of keys, to secretarial profession and concept of law. Reflections of relations, dreams, loneliness, love and hope in the stories silently recorded during several decades on the keys of an old typewriter.



Two Couples in a Small Square


Havva. Sedat. Benan. Talat. Two couples, four young people coming from the east and the west, from urban and rural areas. Their relations starting in a university campus continues at one of the Rose Apartments of Hasan Efendi after they graduate. They do not know the previous hirers of their house, Turan, Vedat, and Serdar. Past had been left in the past. They try to understand themselves and each other to keep their relations alive.


Keriman Hanim and her Country in Eight Decades

Keriman Hanim and her Country in Eight Decades

Symphony of Loneliness

Short notes about unwritten personal histories. Keriman Hanim born in 1933, in the tenth year of the republic. She meets her daughter during an election period at her fifties. Intersection of the lives passing through each other in the following three decades. Bitter sweet memories of people coming from different regions and decades.

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